Salon de Montrouge 2017 : an overview in pictures

06 June 2017

From 27 April to 24 May 2017 the famous "Salon de Montrouge" was held at le Beffroi. an absolute must event for discovering new talents on the up and coming artistic scene. Guided tour with Artistics!


For 60 years now the Salon de Montrouge has not stopped supporting and promoting young contemporary artistic creation. For this 62nd edition Ami Barak, ex director of the FRAC Languedoc-Rousillon, and Marie Gautier chose 53 international artists from more than 3000 applicants.


Installations, sculptures, photographs, paintings, videos… We had the pleasure of discovering and perusing this rewarding exhibition. Here is a rundown of what caught our attention :


Cat Fenwick "Between Two Stools" (2015); earthenware and pine.

This installation by British artist Fenwick evokes a wooden buttress structure which provides support for an edifice. Here we get an impression of the fragile balance between the strength of the wood and the vulnerability of the earthenware.


Constance Sorel "Ciel de traine" (2016); photographs.

Here, the blue sky has been photographed once but printed out on 20 different printers. 20, the number of Gauloises cigarettes in one packet and just as blue. the same sky, the same cigarette and yet the experience is never the same.



Suzanne Husky "Noble Pastorale" (2016-2017); tapestry.

Directement inspirée de "La Dame à la Licorne", une tapisserie du XVIème siècle, l’œuvre de cette jeune artiste américaine confronte ici la nature riche et luxuriante, celle du décor de "La Dame à la Licorne", à des préoccupations contemporaines, politiques et écologiques, incarnées par cet activiste barrant la route à un engin d’agriculture.


Hélène Bellenger, " Sans titre (Posters)" (2016); posters.

In this work the artist has transformed the most banal piece of decoration that exists -  posters of exotic landscapes in a setting sun - into a unique installation in which stand tubes of rolled-up glossy paper. it almost makes one think of Guy de Rougemont's sculptures…


Lucie Planty,  "Spécimen" (2016)

A tribute to "Stacks" by Donald Judd? Here this Parisian artist has mounted on a wall transparent plastic boxes each containing a different sized book. The peculiar thing about these volumes is that the text has not yet been printed : only images occupy the middle of this practical manual's white pages. Without the context these images are very puzzling…



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