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Urban decay, a source of artistic inspiration

Since its beginning in the 1950s, many researchers and theoreticians have wondered: how to generically define contemporary art? For Nathalie Heinrich, a contemporary art specialist, it is: “a transgression between the borders of art as conceived by modern art and classical art“, two major and highly codified periods in the history of the art.

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Amongst the important semantic rifts in contemporary art, we must include the desertion of Beauty as the norm for taste, as well as a distancing away from the blind faithful representation of reality. These new ideas allowed the emergence of artistic trends and lead artists to consider certain spaces and aesthetics that had until then been seen as marginal and unappreciated. Derelict places and urban areas, bearing the marks of the passage of time, then become inspiring places, especially for artists like Jonk or Romain Veillon, who have found a springboard to their notoriety in urbex photography.

Derelict places at Artistics

Our online contemporary art gallery team looks after artists whose work represents this characteristic contemporary art renewal. To do this, we offer about 2,000 selected abstract or figuraive artworks by international artists. Whether their work is in sculpture, painting or photography, these artists all have originality in their style as well as an excellent technical mastery in common. Among them, photographers explore urban decay around the world with their cameras, in order to take urbex photography shots that will become fine art objects.

Our urbex photography artists

Who’s never dreamed of a deserted place to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle, or getting lost in unknown area to discover new places? The English photographer, Gina Soden has turned her art into an adventure: in doing her urbex photography, she takes images of derelict places she visits. Hospitals, schools, factories or churches, she constantly searches for forgotten places -derelict places in the heart of cities or abandoned castles in the countryside– where life has stopped and nature has invited itself back. By immortalizing these places, Gina restores their aesthetic powers and offers unprecedented access to places with well-kept secrets.

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Pick your fine art from the urbex photography offered by Artistics. In visiting our online gallery, you can buy a fine art image in just a few clicks. We are here to help you directly via our Live Chat, by phone: +33 1 4028 9228, or by email: contact@artistics.com. We are committed to sending your artwork to you as quickly as possible, along with its certificate of authenticity.

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