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It is at night that it is beautiful to believe in light“, according to the poet and playwright Edmond Rostand and it is a rule that certain contemporary artists seem to follow. Photographers, especially those who wait until nightfall to create, produce night photographs that illustrate this claim. Indeed, etymologically, photography is a method of capturing light. This technique, invented in the 19th century and widely used today, is difficult to do at night, when light is scarce.

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So, night photography is first of all a paradox, making it all the more fascinating and worthy of attention. However, the night is an inspirational source for many artists due to the absence of light and everything that generally constitutes a creative obstacle. The night gives way to imagination and daydreaming, and it is this invisible attractive and disturbing part that night photography often refers.

Night photography with Artistics

The online contemporary art gallery Artistics encourages boldness and curiosity and follows artists on their artistic adventures. We represent about fifty international artists, who either paint, sculpt or take photographs and whose approximately 2,000 artworks can be bought directly online, on our website. The artists brought together by Artistics share certain points in common, including their excellent technical mastery of their medium and the originality of their creations. Amongst them, we encourage you to discover the photographers’ works, some of whom have ventured into night photography.

Our night photography

From the neon store sign to the moonlight, the night’s darkness contrasts with the smallest light source, feeding the inspiration that gives life to night photography. A source of light or a source of inspiration, the limit is endless. For French photographer, Christophe Jacrot, night photography is primarily to do with extreme weather. This bad weather specialist takes advantage of a power cut in New York, following the path of a hurricane, or a rainstorm in the streets of Hong Kong to making the night the stage of his stories.

New York City also inspired artist Xavier Dumoulin, although his series of night photography, titled ‘Night Passenger’ was made in France. This urban and natural landscape photographer lets himself get carried away by the dark night where the opacity is sometimes disrupted by strong colored artificial lights. He embodies a mesmerizing contrast with his night photography, all with a dominant air of mystery.

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Discover our selected night photography images available on Artistics. You can view our artists’ work any time on our website, choose and fall in love with one amongst them. If you wish to buy a print, order directly online. We are here via Live Chat, by email: or by phone: +33 1 4028 9228, for any further information.

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