Pink: Zoran Šimunović at the National Museum of Zadar

A few months after Growing up, his solo show at the Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik, Zoran Šimunović is the guest of honour at the National Museum of Zadar with the exhibition Pink. Eleven of his works can be seen until 5 May 2024.

Front: Growing up 12. On the wall, eight paintings from the series Do Dolls Have Emotion?, Growing Up and Do Astronauts Need Art?

Until 5 May, the National Museum of Zadar is presenting “Pink”, a solo show by Croatian artist Zoran Šimunović, who is represented by the Artistics gallery. The works on display include are two large-scale diptychs (Growing up 11 and Growing up 12, 180 x 290 cm each), which welcome visitors into the exhibition space and immerse them in the artist’s visual world: bright colours and an array of shapes halfway between abstraction and figuration.

Eight more paintings are hung side by side, forming a huge 4.5 m-wide installation. Belonging to various series dating from 2020 to the present day, these large-format oils on canvas find their unity in the recurrence of certain motifs: toys, fruit, furniture, plants, etc. Each viewer can find familiarity and emotional value in these objects from the artist’s memory and everyday life.

They are juxtaposed with abstract geometric shapes and architectural-like sketches made up of lines and semi-transparent surfaces. The first impression is one of visual chaos, yet one that is perfectly controlled by the placement of the colours and their dialogue on the canvas.

Right: Growing up 11. Left: eight paintings from the series Do Dolls Have Emotion?, Growing Up and Do Astronauts Need Art?

Occasionally, the presence of a horizon line reinforces the composition. However, the artist has no intention of composing a landscape: everything is organised on a single plane, as if in a dream where each protagonist (person or object) is perfectly identifiable while the setting in which the scene is being played out is barely outlined.

The eye is absorbed by the expanse of the canvas, moving through this motley repertoire – that is intimate and symbolic in one. Zoran Šimunović’s world may seem chaotic, but it is by no means tormented. On the contrary, his paintings convey a sense of cheerfulness, arousing positive emotions in the viewer and conjuring up happy memories. Pink (which gives the exhibition its name) and, more broadly, the bright colours of the painter’s palette, contribute to this joyful experience.

A light box and a video complete the exhibition tour, providing an insight into the artist’s latest experiments in digital art.

About the artist :
Zoran Šimunović (1984, Nuštar) is a Croatian artist who lives and works in Osijek, Croatia. He began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg in 2008, graduating in 2013. He is currently curator of the Slavko Kopač Gallery at the Vinkovci City Museum, an activity he carries out alongside his personal artistic production. He has exhibited in galleries and museums in Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary. His works are included in the public collections of four Croatian museums. In 2012, he won the Sony Award with co-director Svetislav Cvetković for the short film Knjiga.

Zoran Šimunović: PINK
National Museum Zadar, City Lodge Gallery
From 16 April to 5 May 2024

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