United Kingdom
born on: 
22 Nov, 1985
2005/2007 - Thames Valley University, specialization in photography and multimedia, London
2018 - Artist of the year, The Rise Art UK Prize
2017 - Finalist for "The Art of Building Competition 2017" with Peacock
2016 - Winner of Secret Art Prize 2016
2014 - Awarded 1st prize Naylor Award for Finest Photograph, National Open Art
2013 - Awarded Emerging Artist of the Year, National Open Art
2013 - Winner of Weston Parks Fine Art Open Competition
2013 - Awarded "Best in Show", Photo Art Fair
2011 - Winner of Driven Creativity Photography Competition
2019 - Archaeologies Trio Show, Charlie Smith Gallery (London, UK)
2019 - The Other Art Fair (London, UK)
2018 - Group Show "Not 30%", The Other Art Fair (London, UK)
2018 - Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair (Moscow, Russia)
2018 - Art Car Boot Fair (London, UK)
2017 - The Other Art Fair (London, UK)
Feb 2017 - London Contemporary Art Prize 2017, group show (London, UK)
2016 - Fotofever with Artistics gallery (Paris, France)
2016 - The Other Art Fair (London, UK)
2015 - Forthcoming Christmas Salon Group Show, Eleven Gallery (London, UK)
2015 - The Other Art Fair (London, UK)
2015 - Falls The Shadow Duo Show with Natasha Kissell, Eleven Gallery (London, UK)
2015 - Filling The Void Group Show, K35 Gallery (Moscow, Russia)
2014 - Christmas Salon Group Show, Eleven Gallery (London, UK)
2014 - UK Young Artists Festival (Leicester, UK)
2014 - The Other Art Fair (London, UK)
2014 - Emergence Solo show, Eyelike Gallery (Beaconsfield, UK)
2014 - Group show, Century Club (London, UK)
2014 - Decadenza Solo Show, Rise Art (London, UK)
2013 - Wells Art Contemporary Exhibition (Wells, UK)
2013 - The Other Art Fair (London, UK)
2013 - Barbican Artworks Open 2013 (London, UK)
2013 - Natural Selection, The Fine Art Society Contemporary (London, UK)
2013 - Pulse New York Art Fair (New York, USA)
2013 - Photo Art Fair (London, UK)
2013 - Art13 London, The Fine Art Society Contemporary (London, UK)
2013 - London Art Fair, The Fine Art Society Contemporary (London, UK)
2012 - Retrogression Solo Pop Up Show, Groucho Club (London, UK)
2012 - From 1820 to Now, The Fine Art Society and Bourne Fine Arts in Hong Kong, The Space (Hong Kong, China)
2012 - "Things I Love" by Peter Blake, The Fine Art Society (London, UK)
2010 - ‘Art Smile’ Charity Exhibition, The Cat Street Gallery (Hong Kong, China)
2011 - Signal 8 Exhibition, The Cat Street Gallery (Hong Kong, China)
opened up her studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Gina Soden is an English photographer, and a real adventuress.

With a fascination for ruins she explores some of the more unusual sites throughout Europe. Hospitals, asylums, schools, coal mines or abandoned churches, Gina Soden relentlessly hunts down these unique places where the sheer magic outstrips the dilapidation. The search alone accounts for half of the artist’s work as a photographer. She spends literally hours consulting and translating newspapers as well as roaming google earth in search of these forgotten treasures.

All too often access to these places is forbidden or monitored rendering the task that much more difficult and the state of dilapidation complicates the shoot and sometimes makes it really quite dangerous. The artist’s courage and nous is therefore put to the test with every photo she takes.

The photographic work of Gina Soden is incredibly poetic. She manages to give these unusual places a beauty they’ve either lost or never had to start with. With her pictorial treatment and a lyrically artistic approach the artist awakens a magic that inhabits these places and embellishes them, through her detailed compositions, with a triumphant aspect. The colours astonish, the light, almost divine, bedazzles and the haunting disorder of these places seems somehow to be appeased.

Since 2010 Gina Soden has been exhibiting predominantly in London, particularly at the Eleven Gallery and the Fine Art Society. She regularly takes part in London fairs (The Other Art Fair, Photo Art Fair) and in New York (Pulse New York Art Fair.) Her work has also been seen in Hong Kong and Moscow.