Introducing Christophe Dupety

05 November 2013

At Christophe Dupety ‘s workshop

A background in engraving from the Paris school of fine arts, Christophe Dupety did not waste any time to turn his talents to painting: first by covering the scaffolding of different Parisian worksites with graffiti then turning his hand to more conventional media in the privacy of his own workshop. That's where we paid him a visit…

"Why painting? Because unlike engraving with its strict technical constraints it appealed to me as a more open space, smoother and way more likely to surprise me." Rightly so, his paintings portray the vivacity and spontaneity of movement free of all interference. Also somewhat of a risk: The refusal to adhere and quite on the contrary show willing to confront life's chaos by means of "phenomena like suspended animation, run-off and mishaps."

For 'le hasard de la Tache' brings about the exploitation of form that exemplifies what the artist wants to express: the joy of painting. If 'movement is life' then everything leads me to believe that Christophe Dupety's paintings have a right to existence..


Christophe Dupety - Peintre/Graveur from Artistics on Vimeo.

Below, some pictures taken during our visit at Christophe Dupety's workshop.