Introducing Bernhard Lang

04 August 2016

Introducing Bernhard Lang


Since 2010, German artist Bernhard Lang been developing a very unique style in the field of aerial photography: tending toward abstract, his photographs strive to conciliate a pleasing aesthetic with an environmental awareness.




Aerial Views, Harbour 04, 2013.


Flying over Siberia in a plane bound for Tokyo, Bernhard Lang became fascinated with the very graphic nature of the white landscape below that he could see through the window. This was just before 2010. Since then this German photographer has specialised himself in aerial photography and travels the world to build up his artistry brought together under the title ‘aerial views.’ After his native Bavaria (Summer series) then the port of Bremen (Harbour series), he flew over the beaches of the Adriatic coast (Adria series) and the enormous stretches of greenhouses in Andalusia (Mar del Plastico series), the phosphate mines of Florida (Phosphate Mining series) or the grain crops of Kansas with their impressive irrigation system (Circle Irrigation series.)



Aerial Views, Circle Irrigation 08, 2015.


All of these landscapes, with their fascinating beauty, have a point in common... the work of man, often of an indelible nature: be it the tourism of the masses or the extraction of natural resources. The aesthetic marvel is always doubled up with a harsher feeling, linked to an environmental awareness.



Aerial Views, Mar Del Plastico 08, 2014.


These two dimensions are present in all his work: from one point a graphic quest stemming from very natural elements that the aerial view compacts into abstract patterns. From another, a desire to give an alternative perspective on the impact (devastating) of man on the environment. All without moralism: the spectator remains totally free to experience only the beauty of the images or to accept the invitation to take into consideration what is being observed.




Aerial Views, Summer 03, 2010.


About the artist :


Born in 1970, Bernhard Lang has been working on aerial photography since 2010. Beforehand he spent the best part of 10 years working in commercial photography. His ‘Aerial Views’ rapidly received an enthusiastic critical acclaim and many of his series have received prestigious awards. In 2015 alone: Mar del Plastico at the International Photography Awards in the category Abstract ; Adria at the Sony World Photography Awards in the category Travel. Bernhard Lang lives and works in Munich, Germany.


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