Birth of a Giant

26 June 2014

Birth of a Giant

A few weeks ago the residents of the new district of Cayalá, Guatemala City, discovered a strange neighbour: a marble colossus with an enigmatic smile, emerging from the ground with a key in hand. Discover in photos and video this monumental work of artist Walter Peter Brenner.

In Kaqchikel, the language of the Mayan indians from the highlands of Guatemala, Cayalá means 'Paradise'. 'Paseo Cayalá' is the name chosen for the new district of Guatemala City, conceived like a replay of the concept of a "Humanist City".

Since 31 May last, the silhouette of a giant has invested the place. "Amanecer, el Gigante de Cayalá" (Dawn: the Giant of Cayalá) is a monumental sculpture conceived by the Guatemalan sculptor Walter Peter Brenner. This marble colossus, which appears to be emerging form the ground holding the key to a treasure, is right opposite another of the artist's sculptures: "Curiosity: The Fountain of all Virtues".

The latter represents three children (in bronze) sitting on a rock surrounded by water. The whole thing is a reference to a tale in which the laughter and curiosity of the children awaken a giant who holds the key to the "chest of dreams and happiness." To Walter Peter Brenner this work symbolizes the spirit of Paseo Cayalá, which offers its residents a better life, in the heart of an environment in which they can flourish, achieve their dreams and thus be happy.

The creation and accomplishment of this 18-meter long colossus took more than three years of work and 75 tons of Guatemalan beige marble!

And thus Giants came to be...

Discover the genesis of this colossal artwork (in Spanish):


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More images of "Amanecer, el Gigante de Cayalá":