Artistics introduces the 360º view

08 December 2015

Artistics introduces the 360º view

As part of our continued innovation, we are proud to introduce the 360° view, which aims at improving the on-screen viewing and experience of sculptures.

 Résonance, by Romain Langlois (bronze, edition of 8 + 4 AP)

Thanks to this technological solution, you can now discover the sculptures from every angle, without leaving your seat. The sculpture will revolve before your eyes! A simple click enables you to observe the piece from the angle desired or to zoom in on a particular detail.

To launch this new function, Artistics teamed up with the French company Numeart. Each work is placed on a revolving plate directly in the artist’s workshop and photographed from 90 different angles. This number of shots permits a smooth manipulation of the work and a rapid download of the 360º view. What’s more, to optimise the downloading speed, the size of the images is automatically adapted to the size of the screen (computer, tablet or smartphone).

Already in operation for more than 80 works, the 360º view will be in place for all sculptures on the site in the next few months. Artistics is the first online gallery to offer this function.


 Passage, by Delphine Brabant (plaster, unique work)