Contemporary art is not the privilege of the few.

Artistics is a team of professional and passionate people, with a dual expertise of the internet and the art market, driven by a desire to share their artistic discoveries. We love contemporary art and want to make it accessible to all !

Artistics is constantly uncovering new talent. Thanks to the internet, we strive to promote their work all around the world and provide a sales platform for those who appreciate the work.

Our motto : reduce the distance between artist and public, by showing the background, the approach and what the artist is trying to communicate. By means of video interviews, articles, detailed descriptions of the works etc. We can even organize private viewings at the studio when required !

We feel that through this form of contact with the artist, everyone can further develop their own tastes, pinpoint what interests them and perhaps better understand what has an impact on them. Our goal, is to help you discover what you might like and the works you would like to live with !


Whoever or wherever you are, Artistics wants to make the acquisition of artwork easier for you : 24/7 without fuss and in total confidence ! Because we know one does think twice before buying art online :

 - And what if once you receive the artwork you have bought, you don't like it? Contact us within 14 days of the delivery. We will come and pick up the artwork, at our cost and totally refund your order !

 - And what if it arrives broken or damaged? All expedited goods are insured. if damage is incurred during transport you will be completely refunded.

 - And what if the information available on the internet doesn't answer all of your questions? We are here to advise you ! By telephone, by mail or our online chat service.

 - And what if you want to see the work before making up your mind? We can arrange a meeting at the artist's studio or at our Paris office.

 - And what if  the price seems too high? At Artistics the prices are transparent and have been studied to be as fair as possible. We are aware that the price of an artwork can represent a considerable investment. Our  goal being to make art accessible to everyone we can provide solutions to budget issues like payment by instalments.


Artistics is us.

In the beginning there was Sonia Rameau. Sonia was a sculptor for over fifteen years and has accrued a lot of professional experience in e-commerce. Her knowledge of these two domains gave her the idea of uniting an art gallery and art online.

Together with other enthusiasts Sonia formed Artistics in 2013, with as its mission 'to promote the work of contemporary artists who master their craft be it painting, sculpture or photography.' Sonia knows what it means to be an artist and what a work of art involves :  mastery of the gesture, intimacy with the materials, technical expertise. It is these criteria, somewhat relegated by the main vision of contemporary art, that she intends to bring to the fore with Artistics


Artistics is for you !

Artistics is for all art lovers curious and eager for discoveries, in particular those who believe that the presence of art helps you live better by putting a little soul in your everyday environment.

We advise and follow up with both private and professional/ corporate clients:

          - by having the answers to specific questions about deliveries or payment,

          - by conducting a specific search for a type of work or artist at your request

          - by supplying information concerning tax exemption tied to the purchase of an artwork,

          - by coordinating the delivery of your special orders,

          - etc.


For professionals ( CEOs and professionals), we also have a very advantageous leasing facility.

Since its inception Artistics has built up a loyal community of satisfied clients, around the world : from Switzerland to the USA, from Angola to the UK ! Our quality of service has merited us to be Number 1 in the guide to purchasing objects and works of art online created by the site very much thanks to the appreciation of our clients.


Where to now?

Artistics priority is to uncover and present to you even more new talent. We will always try to better the experience that we offer our viewers so that the revelation is as sensational online as it is in real life, regardless of their means of connection (computer or cell phone), their expectations and their desires.