de Sarrieu

1995-2000: Workshop in Toulouse with Robert Thon and Maurice Mélat.
1980-1986: Restoration of mural paintings including those of the Cathédrale de Cahors, of Albi, of Château de Beynac and of Musée des Augustins.
1975-1980: Bachelor in History of Art, 4th and 5th year at Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Toulouse.
2022 : Solo show, Prodromus Gallery, Paris
2021: Ferme du Grand Couvent, summer 2021 exhibition, Gramat, France
2020: Exhibition at La Barbacane Gallery, Cordes sur Ciel
2020 : Collective exhibition, MH Bou gallery, Gramat (France)
2019 : Solo show - Espace 2JOL - Castelnau de Montmiral - France
2018: Estivales Lagorre, Seix (France)
2018 : Peinture Fraiche Gallery, Paris
2017 : "Derrière la haie ", Saurs Castle, Lisle sur Tarn (France)
2016 - Personal exhibition at Galerie 17, Azille (France)
2015 : 'Paysages', solo show at Cabinet d'architectes Cellier-Chanson-Rouède, Toulouse
2013: Maison de l’Occitanie, Toulouse. & Galerie Peinture Fraîche, Paris 7ème
2012: Galerie Artbouge, Labastide Murat, Lot
2011: St Hilaire Luc en Corrèze & Seix en Ariège
2010: Espace Bonnefoy in Toulouse
2009: 111 des Arts Paris, Toulouse and Lyon. & Cabinet d’architectes Cellier, Chanson, Rouède in Toulouse
2008: 111 des Arts Paris and Toulouse. & Salon des artistes occitans (1st prize). & Salon du grand format à Fréjus (1st prize)
2007: Musée de Gaillac. & Galerie de la Daurade in Toulouse. & Galerie Fonderie et vœux d’artistes Toulouse.
2006: Galerie du « pont des arts » in Marcillac in Vallon
2004: Paris Contemporary Art Salon, Bastille
2003: Espace Bouquières in Toulouse
2002: Castelsarrazin (prize of Salon d'Automne) - "The Gallery" Place des Vosges, Paris
de Sarrieu
opened up her studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.
Valérie de Sarrieu is a French artist who lives and works in Toulouse, France. She has devoted six years to the restoration of mural paintings of the French monuments including the cathedrals in Cahors and in Albi. With a bachelor’s degree in History of Art, she has spent the 4th and 5th years of her study at the Toulouse School of Fine Arts. In the 90s, she has continued studying with Robert Thon and Maurice Mélat. Today she mainly works on outdoor paintings called “sur le motif” (en plein air). She summarizes her approach as the following: “working on the place and its responsiveness, on the light of that precise moment, and its simplest and fairest reproduction”.