'Sound and Vision' by Doris Marten: A visual symphony

07 September 2020


Doris Marten’s ‘Every Choice a Change’ exhibition, on display at WestLotto's Münster premises, unveils the artist’s latest series entitled ‘Sound and Vision’. For the event, the artist dropped traditional media for vinyl records instead, transforming musical compositions into pictorial compositions.


AROUND THE WORLD -  Oil on vinyl, 252 pieces, each Ø30cm


The German company, Westdeutsche Lotterie GmbH, is an important contemporary art patron. Since 2018, its collection has occasionally been opened to the public, through exhibitions held at its Münster headquarters. 

Since the 14th June, Doris Marten (represented by Artistics) presents her work as part of this program.  In particular, the layout of the premises has provided her with an exceptional setting for exhibiting her latest series, ‘Sound and Vision’.

“What really interested me was this huge curved wall in a hall where, until the 1990s, lottery tickets were manually controlled. I had been looking for a wall of this size for a long time to exhibit my first major installation of paintings on vinyl."

The installation’s title is ‘Around the world’: 252 coloured discs distributed regularly over a 4 x 15 m area.  All of these abstract paintings on round supports form an impressive rich chromatic composition, punctuated by very colourful dark and light areas that appear flooded in light.


AROUND THE WORLD -  Oil on vinyl, 252 pieces, each Ø30cm


The media used are only vinyl records.  In painting on a turntable, the artist transformed these acoustic data carriers into visual aids: as if the musical pieces are replayed with a brush, in a sort of transformation of sound into image. Individually made in an enduring search for a balance between line, colour and rhythm, these paintings make up an alphabet from which the artist draws on to create different installations and collections.

As in the artist's previous series, the line remains the unique motif of these compositions. The confrontation of these canvases and series underlines the decisive effect that tiny changes in seemingly unimportant parameters can have in changing the general effect produced by a painting or in altering the course of an artistic work. It is precisely this parallel between continuity and change that the title of the exhibition, Every Choice a Chance, refers.

Photos : © Doris Marten, VG Bild-Kunst


‘Every Choice a Change’ exhibition, WestLotto, Münster, Germany.

June 14 - September 28, 2020 

Due to the health crisis restrictions, visits can only made by prior appointment through Galerie Ostendorff (+49 251-57404).


About the artist:

Doris Marten was born in Munich in 1971. She studied art in Nuremberg, Berlin and Paris; in 1998 she studied under Rolf-Gunter Dienst. Doris Marten has received numerous awards and scholarships (DAAD). From the beginning of the 2000’s, her work has been regularly exhibited in Germany and elsewhere in the world (United States, Europe). She has received several commissions under the Kunst am Bau program (the German equivalent of the 1% artistic French), notably for the Upper Franconia government building in Bayreuth. Two of her works have recently been included in the German Bundestag collection.


AROUND THE WORLD -  Oil on vinyl, 252 pieces, each Ø30cm 



SOUND AND VISION, 2020  - Oil on vinyl, Ø 30cm