"Révélations", the fine craft and creation fair.

06 June 2017

From the 4th to the 8th of May is held for the 3rd time at the Grand Palais, the fine craft and creation fair: Révélations. A multitude of unusual communities gathering together to present their works under the same monumental nave. Guided tour with Artistics!

Revelations was created by Ateliers d'Art de France for the benefit of all the professionals of the arts, crafts and creativity sector. Nearly 400 participants spread over 180 stands.



Here, dialog sets the mood. Indeed, throughout the spacious alleys and the elegant but simple design of the stands artisan-creators, designers, galleries, art manufacturers, foundations etc, all mingle together. There's jewelry, creative furniture as well as a huge number of original creations serving no particular purpose. We went along to the Biennale principally to discover the exceptional savor faire behind all these harmonious creations. Frédérique Domergue, who we represent, was also there. 

Here's a preview of what we saw and appreciated.


Frédérique Domergue's stand at the Biennale.


Amongst the vases, amphoras, cups and other recipients, we found lots of creations in ceramic, porcelain, clay or enameled stoneware. Very often abstract in form, having different textures or resembling things that have lost their functionality. 


From left to right, Modern Remains Wetness by Kouzo Takeuchi, Blue 14-04 by Osamu Kojima and Moshikashitara 2 by Tomomi Tanaka 


Sans Titre by Kristin McKirdy


Fou du roi by Fabienne Withofs


Offrandes n°1 by Caroline Schmoll



This sculpture by Daphne Corregan, which became the emblem of this edition of the revelations Biennale 2017, perfectly illustrates the desire to divert the objects, to establish a dialog between artisanal technique and contemporary creation.


 We also occasionally found other types of more figurative sculptures. shapes, animals etc. The artists are working the texture, the substance, they use objects or the usual everyday tools.



Sculpture by Quentin Garel.


Sculptures/Installations by Mylinh Nguyen.


The stand and the sculptures of Olivier Mallemouche


Tiger Skin Hat III by Lin Yu Si


And we found some very original things like this series of masks. Lots of artist's work like Elie Hirsh's have two facets. The artisanal technique and the contemporary work that emerges from it.


Mask series by Elie Hirsch



We came across some distinctly contemporary creations which outlined the abundance and diversity of this Biennale.


In-Ondes by Mathilde Caylou.


Sculptures by Martine Polisset.


Mecanica Aptica  by Cristian Salineros.




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