Matthieu Venot signs the cover of GQ Style!

03 September 2018


French contemporary photographer Matthieu Venot, whose work we have been exhibiting for nearly 3 years now, has taken the front cover photo of Tyler, The Creator for the fall 2018 issue of GQ Style magazine! Matthieu Venot also photographed the famous American rapper in a host of settings to illustrate the whole interview within the magazine.

The unlikely request for the shoot did not come from the editors of the magazine but from Tyler himself! The dialog between the two artists first came to light on Instagram: Tyler wanted to use one of Matthieu's photographs for the cover of his song 'Crust In Their Eyes'. Matthieu accepted, and one week later Tyler put Matthieu's name foreword to the editors of GQ Style to take the cover image for this issue. GQ were enthusiastic.

Matthieu thought it over: he had never received an order for a portrait before. But fully aware of the opportunity he decided to take the challenge. The photo shoot took place at the Hotel Molitor Paris, the Paris Jean Bouin club, the Sorbonne and the Pierre and Marie Curie campus.

You can view the final result here. Stunning obviously. His talent as a colorist and his flair for composition make for some urban landscape cross-sections in graphic, pop and fun vignettes.

We'd like to bet that this order will be the first of many… congratulations Matthieu!


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