de Soos

born on: 
27 Jul, 1967
Training with Jonathan Hirschfeld
2018 : Alain Brugnon Sculpture Prize, Fondation Taylon
2022 : PAD Paris Art + Design, Philippe Heim gallery, Paris
2021 : Les Rendez-vous d’Art contemporain vendômois, Artins
2021 : Hôtel du Castellet, Le Castellet
2021 : Les Dominicaines et Les Jardins de la ville, Pont-L’Évêque
2021 : Biennale de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland
2021 : Galerie Estades, Paris
2020 : Toulouse Lauwers gallery, Saumur, France
2020 : Gardens of the Ernest-Cognacq museum, Saint-Martin-de-Ré (France)
2020 : Hégoa gallery, Paris
2020 : BRAFA, Bruxelles
2020 : Galerie Estades, Lyon (France)
2019 : Maison des Quais, Joinville, Île d'Yeu (France)
2019 : Commarin Castle, Bourgogne (France)
2019: 11° Sculpture Biennial at Sculptures Garden, Bois Guilbert Castle
2019 : Château de La Possonnière, Loir-et-Cher (France)
2019 : OFI Asset Management, Paris (France)
2019 : Château de la Messardière, Saint Tropez (France)
2019 : PAD Paris, Paris (France)
2018 : Estelle Lebas Gallery, Le Touquet (France)
2018 : Minimes Convent, Mane-en-Provence (France)
2018 : Hôtel du Castellet, Le Castellet (France)
2018 : Hégoa Gallery, Paris
2018 : Jardins en art Gallery, Paris
2018 : Toulouse Lauwers Gallery, Nantes (France)
2018 : Michel Estades Gallery, Paris, Lyon, Toulon
2018: Sculpture exhibition, Château de Villandry (France)
2018 : Art Up, Lille (France)
2017 : Biennal of Sologne, group show, Chaumont sur Tharonne (France)
2017 : Artimoine, Château de Lassay sur Croisne (France)
2017 : Pieces of art installation, Château de Lassay sur Croisne
2017 : l’Oréal, Clichy
2017 : Le Couvent des Minimes, Mane en Provence
2017 : "Parcours Saint-Germain", groupe show, Gardens of the l'Hôtel des Marronniers, Paris (France)
2017 : Art Up Lille, group show, Galerie Estelle Lebas (France)
2017 : "Jardins d'ailleurs" 3rd edition, group show, Jardins en art, Paris (France)
2016 : Galerie Hégoa, Paris
2016 : Maison des Quais, île d’Yeu
2016 : l’Oréal, Clichy
2016 : Jardins en Art, Paris
2016 : Galerie Toulouse Lauwers, Nantes
2016 : Le Couvent des Minimes, Mane en Provence
2015 : Le Cercle de l’Union, Lyon
2015 : l’Oréal, Clichy
2015 : Domaine des Crayères, Reims
2015 : Le Couvent des Minimes, Mane en Provence
2015 : Biennal of the "Jardin des Sculptures de Bois Guilbert"
2015 : Fort du Vert Galant, Wambrechies
2015 : Espace Emeraude, solo show, Le Touquet (France)
2015 : 9ème Biennale de Sculpture, group show, les Jardins de Bois-Guilbert (France)
2014 : l’Oréal, Clichy
2014 : Galerie Hégoa, Paris
2014 : Galerie 49, Saumur
2014 : Star’t , Strasbourg
2014 : Galerie des Lumières et des Ailes, Paris
2014 : Galerie du château de Bois-Guilbert, group show (France)
2013 : Le Bon Marché, Paris
2013 : Galerie Emeraude, Le Touquet
2013 : Maison des Quais, île d’Yeu
2013 : Natixis, Paris
2013 : Biennal of the « Jardin des Sculptures de Bois Guilbert »
2013: Galerie 49, Saumur
2013 : Art Gent, Gand
2013 : Galerie Marie Laure de l'Ecotais, group show, Paris (France)
2013 : Art Monaco
2012 : Montségur Finance, Paris
2012 : Galerie 49, Saumur
2012 : Galerie Glineur, Saint Martin en Ré
2012 : Galerie Emeraude, Le Touquet
2012 : Barnes, Neuilly sur Seine
2012 : Galerie du Pont Neuf, Artlandowski , Paris
2011 : Lille Art Fair
2011 : Galerie Emeraude, Le Touquet
2010 : Château de Chailly sur Armançon
2010 : Demeure des Comtes de Champagne, Taittinger, Reims
2010 : Maison des Quais, île d’Yeu
2010 : Galerie Gilbert Dufois, Senlis
2009 : Galerie François Giraudeau, Les Portes en Ré
2009 : Galerie Emeraude, Le Touquet
2009 : Le Chabichou, Courchevel
2006 : Cultural Center, Fatehpur et Ambassade de France, New-Delhi
2006 : Galerie Hors Série Lille et Bruxelles
2006 Galerie Emeraude, Le Touquet
2005 Galerie Bertin-Toublanc, Paris
2004 : Ofivalmo, Paris
2003 : Ebène Macassar, Paris
2002 : Ebène Macassar, Paris
2001: Ebène Macassar, Paris
de Soos
opened up her studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Contemporary French artist Marine de Soos is based in Paris and creates poetic sculptures in bronze, flooded with emotion. She derives her inspiration from the many memories of her extensive travels. She shares with us, through her artwork, all that she has both felt and appreciated about the things she has seen and moments she has lived.


Marine de Soos was born in Paris in 1967, spent several years of her youth in Africa and keeps, to this day, myriad memories which unquestionably influence her bronze artwork. A keen introspection seems to orient her art, forever searching the great continent of her upbringing.


Back in Paris Marine de Soos initially tackled the world of marketing before entirely focusing on the art of sculpture in 1991 when she trained with American sculptor Jonathan Hirschfeld. Since 1999, Marine de Soos regularly exhibits her monumental and outdoor sculpture in France and abroad.


From Africa to the Orient, Marine de Soos relates true stories and conveys moments of pure joy, rehashed from souvenirs gathered from here and there : the position of a hand, a foot, the tilt of a head… Whatever the starting image an emotion is unequivocally connected : " I can only work when I am feeling emotional" says the artist who admits not having "a vision of what [she is] going to create." Her only guide… the emotion and, ultimately, an invitation to take a rare poetic journey which thrusts the viewer into a contemplative state.   


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  • From her childhood spent in Africa, Marine de Soos kept images and an open-mindedness, which still fuels her artistic work. Like shamanic objects, her bronze sculptures are charged with emotions, which are passed on to the ones looking at them.