2012-2014: Training in Japanese painting with Mr Shigemasa Kawai (Japan)
2006-2010: Training in India ink painting with Mr Zou Tao in Nagoya (Japan)
1995-1998: Training in Lithography with J. Larrieu
1994-1995: Ecole Boulle (technical drawing) France
1974-1975: School of Mime Etienne Decroux (body expression) France
1972: Graduate from Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
2021: Exhibition "Arbres et prés fleuris" at WITHoutART gallery, Strasbourg
2019 : Ateliers d'Artistes de Belleville open house day, Paris
2017: ART 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shangai
2017: Group show, Without Art Gallery, Beijing
2016: Group show, Without Art Gallery, Strasbourg
2016: Participation in Open Day of the Artists’ Workshops of Belleville / Group exhibition at the Galerie Impression
2016 : “Arbres", exhibition, Galerie Furishan, Beijing
2016 : Group show, l’Espace Lhomond, Paris
2016: Participation in book publishing of "A la manières des haïku” by Michel Raby
2015: Participation in Open Day of the Artists’ Workshops of Belleville / Group exhibition at the Galerie Impression
2014: Group show, Galerie Impression, Paris
2014: Participation in Open Day of the Artists’ Workshops of Belleville / Group exhibition at the Galerie Impression
2012: Six pieces of calligraphy sold to the Written Art Foundation, Francfort
2011: Galerie Leizorovici, “Autour du Papier (About Paper)”, Vézelay/ Galerie Sinitude “Place au Nouvel An (Square at New Year)”, Paris
2010: Group exhibition “Unchain My Art” at Galerie des AAB, Paris
2009: Participation in Open Day of the Artists’ Workshops of Belleville
2009: Exhibition at Galerie Au Pont Rouge, Paris
2008: Creation of a lithography artwork "Diaphane" for Daniel Leizorovici
2008: Group exhibition “Lignes Sensibles” (Sensible Lines) at Galerie des AAB, Paris
2006-2007: Exhibition at Galerie ARTE Café, Paris
2005: Group exhibition at the association L’ours et le singe, Paris
2004: Exhibition at Galerie Impressions, Paris
2000: Group exhibition as part of 13e art, Paris
1996: Exhibition at the International Biennale of engraving of Sapporo, Japan
2008 : Édition d'une lithographie “Diaphane” pour Daniel Leizorovici
2008 : Exposition collective “Lignes Sensibles” à la Galerie des AAB, Paris
2006 - 2007 : Exposition à la Galerie ARTE Café, Paris
2005 : Exposition collective à l’association : L’ours et le singe, Paris
2004 : Exposition à la Galerie Impressions, Paris
2000 : Exposition collective dans le cadre du 13e art, Paris
1996 : Exposition à la Biennale Internationnale de l'estampe de Sapporo, Japon
opened up her studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Lumi Mizutani is a painter and lithographer born in Nagoya in Japan. She lives and works in Paris.

In Japan, Lumi has practiced the classical Japanese dance as seen in the Kabuki. In the 70s, Lumi moved to Paris and started to study body expression at the School of Mime with Etienne Decroux (one of Marcel Marceau’s teachers).

She later realized that painting is her real passion and she worked on lithography during 10 years. It is through the training with Japanese and Chinese masters that she got interested in and finally mastered the techniques of wash drawing and India ink.

Mesmerized by these techniques, she works on the alchemy between different elements she uses: paper, ink and water. Through the magic play of the materials, Lumi invites the viewer to enter the world of her artworks full of emotion. The artist wants the eye to follow the stroke. Lumi juggles with the codes by using traditional techniques, on the one hand, and permanently reinventing with her own techniques, on the other. She sometimes draws with an elastic dipped in the India ink. This technique gives more movement to her calligraphy paintings. Lumi Mizutani is inspired by the traditional Japanese landscapes. Her preparatory work consists in taking a large number of photos of the landscapes and then producing sketches after the photos.



"Mesmerized by the play between ink and water, by the conversation between black and white, I allow myself to be carried away, according to their whims, through this substance which floats, penetrates and then devours the paper. The contrasts of light ravish the eye, blown away by the magnetic power of zen aestheticism. The temptation to be led by this unknown force yields its pace to a fervent desire to conquer and better the material, thus the painter again becoming master of his creation." - Lumi Mizutani