born on: 
29 May, 1953
2016 - Prix de la Photographie Paris, Px3, Silver Medal
2015 - Graphis Photography Annual 2015, Gold Award
2014 - Graphis Photography Annual 2014, Gold Award
2014 - Moscow International Foto Award, MIFA, 3rd place
2013 - Prix de la Photographie Paris 2013, PX3, Silver Medal
2012 - Prix de la Photographie Paris, PX3, Gold Medal
2012 - Graphis, 100 Best in Photography, Gold Medal
2012 - 100 Best in Photograpy, Graphis, Gold Award Black&White Spider Award, second place, Merit of Excellence
2012 - Black&White Spider Awards, 2nd place, Merit of Excellence
2011 - Prix de la Photographie Paris 2011, PX3, Gold Medal
2011 - Photography Masters Cup 2011, Honorable Mention
2010 - Graphis Photography Annual 2010, Gold Award Photography Masters Cup 2010, 2nd place, Merit of Excellence
Single exhibitions
2014 - Bewegt/ Moved, Museum Helgoland (Helgoland, Germany)
2009 - True Bodies, Oliver Gordon Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
2004 - Tanz in 13 Akten, Deutsche Oper am Rhein (Duesseldorf, Germany)
2004 - Tanz in 13 Akten, Theater der Stadt Duisburg (Duisburg, Germany)
Group exhibitions
2016 - Fotofever with Artistics gallery (Paris, France)
2015 - TENArts, Espace Christiane Peugeot (Paris, France)
2015 - Naked - Nave Gallery (Somerville, MA, USA)
2015 - Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu (Arles, France)
2015 - L`Eau – La Vie, Mythological Aspects of Water and Man (Duesseldorf, Germany)
2014 - TENArts, Galerie Joseph (Paris, France)
2013 - TENArts, Fotofever (Paris, France)
2013 - Ecologica/Mente, Magazzini dell`Arte Contemporanea (Trapani, Italy)
2013 - Biennale Trapani, "NutriMenti" (Trapani, Italy)
2012 - Contemporary Photography, Art Gallery AFK (Lisbon, Portugal)
2009 - Sichuan – Vier Flüsse, Forum für Fotografie (Köln, Germany)
2008 - A Brave New World,Visual Gallery of Photokina (Köln, Germany)
2007 - Best of BFF,Haus der Wirtschaft (Stuttgart, Germany)
2006 - International Photo Festival Xining (China)
2005 - Selected Characters, BFF (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2004 - CO_OP, Kunstverein Hildesheim (Hildesheim, Germany)
2002 - Die Heilige Kuh, Visuall Gallery of Photokina (Köln, Germany)
2001 - Positiv, Galerie Beethovenstraße (Düsseldorf, Germany)
2000 - Zeit Blicke, Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)
2000 - Ausgezeichnet, Large Format Award 2000 (Köln, Rheinauhafen, Germany)
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Klaus Kampert - Photography | Artistics.com


Contemporary German photographer Klaus Kampert lives and works in Dusseldorf.

Starting out Klaus Kampert taught himself photography techniques while working with accomplished photographers in the advertising world. At the same time he was developing his own style which has now become the main subject of his work. He started working on his own in 1981 and in 1984 became a member of the renowned German photography association Bund Freischaffender Foto-Designer.

The subject of Klaus Kampert's photography revolves around the body, and its movement and the emotion that it conveys. He works almost exclusively with ballet dancers for their exceptional physical capabilities as they too strive for beauty, grace and perfection. Their incredible physical capacities better harness the emotion that Klaus Kampert is looking for in his photography. A dialog develops with the model, the body transmits the message and the movement while Klaus Kampert captures the expression sealing the photo with the emotion. He also puts together very novel decors for each series : pedestals, colorful backgrounds, sheets, ropes, water all under a very calculated and unique lighting for each photo.

Klaus Kampert considers himself more like a sculptor than a photographer of nudes, classic and erotic. He is not interested in showing the exterior, visible beauty but rather in revealing the spirit and the emotion of the model. As he will tell you his photos deal with the human condition in general.

Since 2010 Klaus Kampert has received several international photography awards. His work is regularly exhibited in Europe, principally in Germany.

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