Introducing Yann Guillon

25 November 2013

At Yann Guillon 's workshop

For 30 years, Yann Guillon has tried myriad techniques to create his sculptures sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, sometimes miniature sometimes colossal… portrait of an artist who will never allow routine to take the upper hand…

"Tango", "slender dancer", "little acrobat", "little runner"... the names of Yann's sculptures reflect his obsession with the representation of the human body. It's been 30 years that he has been shaping bodies that are under duress, in the midst of an effort, which seem to radiate an energy and an interior strength which imparts on them such a wonderful self-confidence.

Capturing this energy, showing it or at least conveying its feeling to those who contemplate his sculptures, that is what the artist is indefatigably looking for when he carves the stone or models the wax, clay or plaster. For that he knows that he must stand back: so as not to be snapped up by the piece and thus denying it, being too attentive, this "first movement" this "initial energy" which ultimately will give it life. "Finding a balance between the raw sculpture, spontaneous, and the finished product," is the stuff of a veritable tightrope walker, never ceasing to be renewed and Yann Guillon has become a master.

Yann Guillon - Sculpteur - Sculptor - from Artistics on Vimeo.

Below, a few pictures taken during our visit to Yann Guillon's workshop.