Introducing Ramon Enrich

07 December 2015

Catalan artist Ramon Enrich has been composing mysterious landscapes from a “personal alphabet of symbols and basic shapes” and a deep sense of theatricality for more than 20 years. His paintings, often in large format, take one on a journey that is more psychological than physical.

Nob. Acrylic on canvas, 2014.


Ramon Enrich belongs to the generation which has decided to reconsider reality from a very constructed and a bit metaphysical figuration subdued by geometry.

Since his beginnings, his paintings have presented a conversation between architecture and landscape, inviting the viewer on a visual stroll through vast and endless romantic spaces, dotted with baroque gardens and mysterious architecture, rural as well as industrial

Kashba VI. Acrylic on canvas, 2014.

Put together with basic shapes, almost abstract, lit by an intense oblique light and rid of all human presence, his landscapes are immersed in an enigmatic atmosphere. Free of the constraints of realism, they are above all a pretext for creating “poetic mysteries”. “I synthesise and work architecture into an ironic theatrical design, trompe-l’oeil” explains the artist. Ramon Enrich is trying to expose that hidden something, through the iconic abstraction of shapes, to “enable connections without explanation.”

In the more recent works, though remaining faithful to his matter, colours and atmospheres, he becomes more precise, with a strictness that is compensated with a bigger chromatic register and more suggestive perspectives of landscapes and architecture of undoubtedly Mediterranean origin.


“Typography as a non-functional object has a mysterious expressive charge. Speaking about typography is to speak about a balanced enigma between pragmatism and poetry.”

In creating his typographical compositions, Ramon Enrich works the letters as though they were sculptures. Stemming from inspirational poems, he’ll extract certain letters so as to keep but the skeleton, “like the boney remains of an animal one might find in the desert.” The architectural dimension of the typography becomes more important than the actual sense of the poem. The artist then mounts these letters onto a background, like an abstract painting, with all its autonomy of colours and shapes.

ATZ, Silkscreen and acrylic on paper.

About the artist
Ramon Enrich is a Spanish artist who lives and works in Igualada, in Catalonia, Spain. Having completed his studies in Fine Arts and Graphic Arts in Barcelona, he decided at the end of the 1980s to further his training with artists he greatly admires. He obtained a scholarship and left for the USA where he met Donald Judd, Ed Ruscha, Julian Schnabel and David Hockney. Upon his return to Europe he stayed briefly in France and then in Germany where his works have been purchased by both public and private institutions: Künstlerhaus Monsonturm, Giessen Museum, Museum Für Moderne Kunst Mittelhop… Exhibited today throughout the world, his work is also part of some prestigious corporate collections (La Caixa, Banco Santander, NH, Fundación Telefonica, Deutsche Bank, Generali Foundation) as well as several private collections. At present he is preparing an important exhibition for the Vila Casas Foundation in Barcelona (21 Jan 2016 - 24 April 2016)

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