Introducing Pierre Yermia

06 November 2013

At Pierre Yermia's workshop

Pierre Yermia has been developing for thirty years a singular work, filled with human and animal characters, all witnesses of "an endangered but optimistic and unfazed humanity". 

We met him at his workshop in Charenton-le-Pont, in the suburbs of Paris, where the video below has been shot. Pierre Yermia talked to us about his initiation to sculpture at Toulouse School of Fine Arts, with his professor Aroldo Zavaroni (1910-2012). He then shared with us the different stages of his creation process: drawing, which allows him to convey his first vision and grasp "the relationship between the shape and its space", then the patient work of plaster, with the help of saws and files "to give tension to the model". Pierre Yermia loves sculpture to be "the expression of a moment of pure grace" and searches relentlessly in rhythms, tensions and purified lines, the expression of an impetus, which reveals himself naturally to the viewer. 

Pierre Yermia’s sculptures, small or monumental, are regularly exhibited internationally.


Below, some pictures taken during our visit at Pierre Yermia's workshop.