Introducing Marine de Soos

06 November 2013

From her childhood spent in Africa, Marine de Soos kept images and an open-mindedness, which still fuels her artistic work. Like shamanic objects, her bronze sculptures are charged with emotions, which are passed on to the ones looking at them.



Her open-mindedness runs through her education as well as her work. She learned how to sculpt with the American Master Jonathan Hirshfeld, and draws her inspiration from landscapes from the Middle East and Africa: a fisherman in Indonesia, a Caravan in Sahara, a "Pousseur de lune", full of drive and infectious joy. 

Each sculpture has its story, being a memory of a real moment or an imaginary scene, reconstituted from images gathered here and there: the movement of a hand, a foot’s position, a leaning head...Whatever the start image is, it is always associated with an emotion: “I can only work when I’m in some kind of emotion”. Emotion is her guide and, at the end, an invitation to take a journey to an uncommon poetry, plunging the spectator into a contemplative state. 



Marine de Soos’ work is part of some prestigious private collections, like the Sacem’s or L’Oreal’s.