Introducing Delphine Brabant

22 July 2022

Artist Delphine Brabant's work is a sort of quest. The type that is born out of a confrontation of opposing forces: Shadow and light, positive and negative, balance and imbalance… This search is accompanied by a desire to simplify the figure and let the true nature of the material express itself conferring a powerful spiritual element on her sculptures.

Human Breach, terracotta sculpture (one-off piece). From the series "Human Beings".

Delphine Brabant chose sculpture out of sheer love for the different materials. Plaster of Paris, steel, wood, concrete, stone… She likes to confront the qualities and limitations of each and also their requirements. Her work is a study: to better know the material, to master it, understand its mystery and succeed in displaying it.

Her work initially centered around the representation of human groups, in which a main theme of her approach already appears: working on the verticality (her figures are always upright) and then the horizontal. This figurative dimension has gradually faded, without vanishing: the human figures slowly merged to form a forest of beings, then a group of slender forms.

To Delphine Brabant, any evolution unravels itself and is understood through her study of the particular material. I.e. working with plaster of Paris compels her to create bigger, taller statues, and to link up the various elements, into a veritable surge of construction. The representation gives way to the creation of abstract shapes, of which the simple and rigorous geometry sometimes has one thinking more of an architectural work

Plaster Suspension, plaster sculpture (One-off piece). From the series "Block".

Her more recent works explore the conversation between positive and negative, and create, thanks to this dialog the illusion of perspective. She also associates different materials, looking for a vibrational quality like, for example, the metal's shadow on the white of the plaster of Paris.

Positive and negative, shadow and light, strength and fragility… All the artist's work revolves around these oppositions which come together to form one: balance and imbalance. Or as the artist herself says: "a balance in the imbalance. My pieces are upright, solid. And at the same time, there's a fragility which imparts a sensibility, a poetry."

And to leave enough space for this poetry to express itself, Delphine Brabant is committed to the pursuit of simple and refined figures. More often than not she prefers to conserve the rough aspect of the material rather than hiding it under misleading patinas. In this search for truth and bareness one can imagine the deeply spiritual approach which is the basis of and which nourishes her job as sculptor

Born in Lille in 1964, Delphine Brabant lives and works today in La Garenne Colombes, near Paris. She did a course in sculpture working with live models, which gradually led her to develop more personal creations. Since 2005 her work has regularly been exhibited in Parisian galleries and in the provinces.