Introducing Chésade

04 February 2014

Visit of the workshop : Chésade

Chésade entertains a veritable passion for bronze, that primitive substance, which has come down through the ages, that she uses in sculpting her unique pieces, for the most part inspired by the underworld of the sea.


"A wander through nature." That is how Chésade defines her approach, she who so loves to stroll through the natural parks to enrich her "library of images and sensations." Bit by bit the sea has prevailed as her principal source of inspiration. The artist regards it, the sea, as " a new frontier," as yet unexplored in sculpture. Or as she herself says " a conservatory of exoticism for the 21st century imaginary" … For beyond the colours, shapes and matter which fascinate her, the sea is full of fantasy. It is a universe where all is different, beautiful and violent", as in a dream.


The mere idea of locking herself into a sterile imitation is now inconceivable. Chésade's sculptures - everyone an unique piece - reflect primarily a poetic vision where nature only appears in the form of fragments, solely capable of unfolding their mystery. Their very surfaces represent an almost inexhaustible terrain of exploration. Chésade works them until they develop their own story that then only the spectator can interpret… just as the sea beds are printed with all the objects and sediments which the tides have left there. The colours of her patinas that she borrows from the shades of the rocks, pearls and kelps, further accentuate this organic parallel.


The artist nourishes a veritable admiration for the stuff she is working, the crude and primitive nature of the bronze she so appreciates, and which seem to hold the memory of all sculptures and objects in bronze that man has shaped ." You need to remember" she says, " that bronze is one of the very first substances that man has dominated. And the only substance that has come through the ages as well as clay." To sculpt it is to appropriate its poetic language.


It is also "to touch life" as no other art form besides sculpture gives such a direct rapport, a more immediate way to capture the movement, volume or material  . In fact this tactile rapport with the work seems to be fundamental: " It is very important to touch a sculpture. Then and only then can the eye see more, all the colours and materials as the hand accrues the knowledge of the landscape."

Florence Chésade - Sculpteur - Sculptor - from Artistics on Vimeo.

Below some photographs taken during our visit to Chésade's workshop.