IN IMAGES : DRAWING NOW - 11th edition

13 April 2017


From the 23rd to the 26th of March 2017, le carreau du Temple hosted the 11th edition of DRAWING NOW. For 5 days 16 different countries all huddled together under the sign of contemporary drawing.

DRAWING NOW, an event that people in the know would never miss, stands out by the diversity of the different galleries present (more than 40% foreign.) South Korea, USA, Russia and Switzerland to name only a few. This panorama offered a fantastic scope of images and techniques and introduced us to several new artists

This year again, the MASTER NOW trail, composed of 10 galleries, enriches both the content and the vision of the fair. This year emerging artists were the MASTER NOW order of the day and presented a selection of truly remarkable works.

Added to which a thematic cultural exhibition offering an alternative approach to the world of drawing and the realization of its diversity. Philippe Piguet, artistic director of the 2017 edition, proposed the exhibition deep surfaces.

Thanks to these different events organized within the fair, the visit was seriously enhanced and several artistic experiences overlapped.

The following is a snippet of what we saw and liked




Jean Bedez, from left to right, Nigredo and Albedo, 2017 (Suzanne Taravasiève gallery.)


Emmanuel Régent, Les zones de l'oubli, la mer qui se lamente en pleurant les sirènes, 2017 (galerie Caroline Smulders).


2016 DRAWING NOW award winner Jochen Gerner was again this year exhibiting at the fair. The prize winner receives a cheque for 5000 euros and the organization of an exhibition for their work. Contenders must be no older than 45 and be exhibiting at the fair. The idea of this award is to encourage emerging creation. From the very first day the selection committee gathers to decide on the eventual winner. This year the award went to Lionel Sabatté.

Jochen Gerner (galerie Anne Barrault).


Nicolas Aiello (galerie C).




Agathe Pitié, from left to right, Le Bras Cassé, 2016 and Le Crane, 2017 (Michele Soskin Inc).




Daniel Zeller, from left to right, Neutral Management, 2007 and Interior Elements, 2015 (Michele Soskin Inc).


Glen Baxter's absurd and humorous drawings were up against the dark compositions of Marko Velk. A veritable demonstration of techniques and the very different natures of drawing. 


Glen Baxter (Galerie Isabelle Gounod).


Marko Velk, Trespasser, 2017 (galerie Odile Ouizeman).



Stéphane Mulliez, Nest, 2016 (galerie la Ferronerie).


 Marianne Lang's work boasts an original process. Indeed, she uses pyrography with remarkable skill in the compositions of her butterflies

Marianne Lang, Illuminé, Continue, 2015-2016 (Backerstrasse4).


Full of delicacy and poetry, the works of Yuken Teruya are testimony to the great diversity of drawing on show at the fair.

Yuken Teruya (galerie Valérie Bach/ La Patinoire Royale).


Keita Mori, Bug report, 2016 (galerie Catherine Putman).


Comics, an unavoidable form of expression in the world of drawing, is also represented. Above all through the works of Winchluss which are in the form of little narrative saga.


Wichluss, extract from : Dans la forêt sombre et mystérieuse, 2016 (Georges-Philippe gallery and Nathalie Vallois.)


Jean-Baptiste Hanak, (galerie Anne de Villepoix).



Vanessa Beecroft (galerie Lia Rumma avec Caroline Smulders).



Sylvain Ciavaldini, série Le vide qui te dévore, 2016 (galerie Sator).


Quite a few times we observed extremely convincing works of realism. In the party moments captured by Thomas Lévy-Lasne as well as in Nina Fowler's captivating triptych.


Thomas Lévy-Lasne, extrait de: La fête, 2017 (galerie Backslash).




Nina Fowler, Hello Sadness (galerie Dukan).



Nina Ivanovic is a good example of how to use a wide range of processes. Her 3D compositions mix sculpture and drawing.

Nina Ivanovic (galerie Dix9 Hélène Lacharmoise).




Helena Hauss (School Gallery / Olivier Castaing).



Zé de Rocha, Monumento au risco, 2017 (RV cultura E Arte).



Nathalie Duivenvoorden, Albert's night, 2014 (A Gallery Named Sue).