born on: 
13 Jan, 1944
1972 : Graduate from School of Fine Art, Paris, France
2021: "Fragments of Japan", Art Center in Gascony, Lavardens Castle, France
2019 : Solo show, In Arte Veritas Gallery, Angers, France
2019 : Oasys Consultants, Paris, France
2015 : Permanescence, Kunstation-Kleinsassen, Kleinsassen, Germany
2014 : "Japon - Regards croisés", collective exhibition, Marianne Brand Gallery, Carouge-Genève, Switzerland
2014 : Permanescence, Nichido Gallery, Paris, France
2012 : Permanescence, Nichido Gallery, Paris, France
2012 : Permanescence, Atelier 28 Gallery, Lyon, France
2010 : Permanescence, Saint Florent-le-Veil abbey, France
2010 : Permanescence, Nichido Gallery, Paris, France
2009 : Permanescence, installation & perfomance, Tenri J-D Gallery, Paris, France
2008 : Permanescence,Nichido Gallery, Paris, France
2007 : Permanescence, Installation at the 3rd Biennale of Issy, France
2006 : Permanescence, Nichido Gallery, Paris, France & "The Art of Ink", conference and performance, Nauplie Festival, Grece
2005 : Grand Formats, Angers, France
2004 : Beaux Arts Museum of Tochigi-Pref, Utsunomiya, Japan
2003 : Permanescence, C. Pleser Gallery, Munich, Germany
2002 : "L'Art de l'encre " Performance, with the Tunisian Ministry of Culture and the Japanese Embassy in Tunisia, Carthage, Tunisia
1999 : Permanescence , Art Passerelle Center, Brest, France
1997 : Permanescence, Comic works, with the Japanese Embassy, Ploneour-Lanvern, France
1991 : Permanescence, Cultart Gallery, Montreal, Canada
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Hachiro Kanno is a Japanese painter who works and lives in Paris, France.

He was born in Tochigi-Ken, in Japan, in 1944. Drawn to western culture, he arrived in France in 1968 to complete his studies at the Paris School of Fine Arts. In 1979, he moved into the Bateau-Lavoir in Montmartre and has been there ever since. Coming from a long line of traditional calligraphers and raised in the Shinto religion, Kanno transposes timeless themes into abstract, in a more up-to-date and universal way organized around the positive and the negative. There are more than 130 solo exhibitions to his credit, mainly in Europe, the US and Japan.

Land Arts, performances, conferences, demonstrations, direction and stage setting of operas, Zen space design...

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  • Visit of the workshop: Hachiro Kanno

    Hachiro Kanno’s painting draws its resources from Japanese calligraphy and his favourite themes in Zen philosophy. A cross between two cultures, it succeeds in conveying a...