born on: 
15 Jul, 1971
Individual Exhibitions :
2020 - Duo show with Cat Sirot organized by Artistics and OFI Asset Management, Paris (France)
2018 - « Drawing Avenue », Detais Gallery, Paris (France)
2015 - « Paris-New York », Flora J. Gallery, Paris (France)
2013 - « Dedans », Detais Gallery, Paris (France)
2012 - « Hong Kong », Flora J. Gallery, Paris (France)
2011 - « Berlin » Flora J. Gallery, Paris (France)
2010 - « Chicago », Flora J. Gallery, Paris (France)
2009 - « London », Flora J. Gallery, Paris (France)
2008 - « Roma », Egidio Gallery, Rome (Italia)
2007 - « Tokyo », Flora J. Gallery, Paris (France)
2006 - « Versaille-Paris », Jamault Gallery, Paris (France)
2005 - « New York, plan fixe », Flora J. Gallery, Paris (France)
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

The contemporary paintings by the French artist Guillaume Chansarel invite the viewer to travel, from brand new perspectives, into the cores of international megalopolis.

Urban landscape and architectural poetry

 Graduate in architecture and scenography, Guillaume Chansarel uses the urban framework as a central element in his artistic production. He is interested in Architecture, but also in its graphical representation, in the constructions of perspective and how perspective can deepen an architectural subject.  

Through his compositions, the painter aims to capture the soul and the spirit of a place. Guillaume Chansarel catches the essence of a city and depicts an atmosphere on the canvas by immortalizing a single street corner.

 As part of his paintings, the artist conveys his personal understanding of cities, but manages to build his point of view from a universal approach. Guillaume Chansarel takes up the challenge to appropriate places, which as far as they are parts of the public area, belong to everybody. Thus, by means of a certain vision accuracy, the artist gathers sensibilities around his individual point of view.

 The technique at the core of the creation of a hybrid work

In accordance with an elaborate technique, Guillaume Chansarel proposes an original and hybrid work. “Frequently, when people discover my paintings, they evoke photography” Chansarel entrusted to the Artistics Team. Firmly angled, the artist’s sight substitutes the photographer’s camera lens, and offers a real work on perspective in which layers of paint combine as the several plans composing a photography. The framing is always human-scaled and influenced by the light, which produces a realistic impression.

The originality of Guillaume Chansarel’s work also derives from his use of books as a raw material for his paintings. At first used at random, this painting medium is now a distinctive element of his work.

 From sketches drawn “on the spot”, the painter manages to capture the essence of a place. Also, Guillaume Chansarel’s Art provides an immediate emotion: the emotion of the viewer affected by the universal scope of Painting, and the emotion of the painter whose point of view remains as a filter applied to the urban landscape. Painting still fulfills the major role of Art: it unveils a certain reality, invisible to the naked eyes.  


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