Founder's commitment

23 September 2013

Bronze : a founder's commitment

A Code of Ethics, adopted by The Founders of France in 1993, state precisely under which conditions bronze sculptures can and should be produced.

Any art lover on the verge of buying a bronze sculpture has asked himself this question: how can I be sure the announced number of prints is accurate? In other words, how can I trust that this artwork, part of a 12 pieces edition (as an example), has not been or will not be printed again? Bronze production is certainly regulated by decrees, but are we certain they are respected?

In order to answer these questions and offer a greater transparency, The Founders of France, with the help of the Sculptor’s Union, the National Chamber of Auctioneers and the Art Galleries Committee, established in 1993 an “Art Foundry Code of Ethics” that all parties undertook to respect.

This reference document, available below, states in particular what an “original”, “multiple” or “unique piece” is and under which conditions it can be edited. If you are asking yourself which markings a bronze sculpture must bare, how to tell the difference between an artist’s test and its original copies or what exactly is a “bronze sculpture”, we strongly advise you to read this!