born on: 
06 Feb, 1948
Literature (Classics) at Sorbonne University
Fond National d'Art Contemporain - FNAC of Paris (France)
Musée d'Art moderne de la ville de Paris (France)
France, Swiss, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, USA
2018 : «Stare | Ferle», Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver (Canada) 
2016 : SHIELD - FERLE, Z Gallery Arts, Vancouver (Canada) 
2015 : Gery Art Gallery, Namur (Belgium) 
2012 : Aroa Gallery, Neuilly (France)
2010 : «Private Collection» Messine, Paris (France) 
2006 : Curiosity Meeting AROA, Paris (France) 
2006 : ’Horizon", presented by Carole Prat et Emmanuel Daydé conservateurs aux affaires culturelles de la ville de Paris (France)
2005 : Ferle : « Corps », Bistraction N°11, Paris (France)
2004 : Art in the Chapels (catalogue) Chapelle Saint Drédeno (France)
2004 : Popy Arvani Gallery (France) 
2004 : Une nuit d’Art et d’Aventures, Paris (France)
2003 : Cent Peintres, Paris (France)
2002 : One artist/one fashion show, Yuki Oka, New York (USA)
2001 : Paule de Boeck Gallery , Gent (Belgium)
2000 : Fondation Veranneman, Kruishouten (Belgium)
2000 : Chaville's Atrium (France)
1998 : Paule de Boeck Gallery, Gent (Belgium)
1998 : Arlette Gimaray Gallery, Paris (France)
1997 : Château de Vogûe (France)
1996 : G.P.C Gallery (Belgium)
1994 : Forum St Eustache Gallery, presented by Zao Wou-Ki et le MAM de la ville de Paris (France)
1993 : Musée Albert Chanot, Clamart (France)
1993 : Fondation Arp, Meudon (France)
1992 : Jean Attali Gallery, Paris (France)
1990 : Jean Attali Gallery, Paris (France)
1990 : Le Chainon Manquant Gallery, Paris (France)
1989 : Musée d’Art Contemporain S.C.T St Agnès Roskilde (Denmark)
1985 : Espace Kiron, Paris (France)
1985 : No Name Gallery, Berlin (Germany)
1982/ 1983 : Galerie Autonom, Berlin (Germany)
2017 : "Scope International Contemporary Art Show"- Z Gallery Arts, New York (USA)
2015 : Alice aux Petits Ménages, église St Sauveur Issy- les - Moulineaux (France)
2014 : "Résistance résistances", Collège Jean Moulin, Toulouse (France)
2014 : Femmes Artistes du XXI siècle, espace Japon, Bistraction, Paris (France)
2013 : "Les mots d'artistes", 13e édition d’Art actuel en Val-d’Oise, Saint-Ouen l’Aumône (France) 
2013 : Art Actuel en Val d’Oise, Paris (France)
2012 : Aroa Gallery, Neuilly sur Seine (France)
2011 : Arts or Paper / Gery Art Gallery, Paris (France)
2011 : Regards Gallery, Paris (France)
2011 : La Traversée du Dessin, Musée Albert Chanot, Clamart (France)
2010 : Jarfo Gallery, Kyoto (Japan)
2009 : Satellite Gallery, Paris (France)
2009 : Donner à Voir, Satellite Gallery, Clamart (France)
2008 : Alice aux reflets Arthuriens, Hôtel Arthuro Lopez, Neuilly (France)
2007 : Aroa Gallery, Neuilly (France)
2004 : HOT Gallery, Osaka (Japan)
2002 : Opération 4 Z’ ARTS, Musée A. Chanot, Clamart (France)
2002 : Figure Abstraction, Musée d’ Angers (France)
2001 : DirimArt Gallery, Istanbul (Turkey)
1999 : Paule de Boeck gallery, Gent (Belgium)
1998 : Musée d’Art Contemporain, Hiroshima (Japan)
1998 : Ishiyasho gallery, Kyoto (Japan)
1998 : Foire de Francfort Galerie Arlette Gymaray (Germany)
1998 : Point de contact, galerie itinérante (Japan)
1996 : NOIR et BLANC Gallery, Paris (France)
1993 : G.P.C Gallery, Gesves (Belgium)
1993 : Brut de Culture Lycée la Fontaine, Paris (France)
1993 : A. Kebede gallery, Los Angelès (USA)
1993 : Espace Keller, Paris (France)
1993 : Le Livre et l’Artiste Musée A. Chanot Clamart (France)
1993 : Fernand Léger Gallery, Crédac, Ivry (France)
1993 : Abbaye de Bouchemaine, Angers (France)
1993 : Noir et Blanc, Attali Gallery, Paris (France)
1992 : Salon de Mai, Paris (France)
1992 : Marie Mamias Gallery, Paris (France)
1992 : Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Paris (France)
1989 : M.I.C, Paris (France)
1989 : Atelier Vis à Vis , Marseille (France)
1988 : Musée de l’air et de l’Espace, Le Bourget (France)
1988 : Institut Français de Kansai (Japan)  
1988 : Institut Français de Kansai (Japon)
opened up her studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Ferle is a French artist living and working in Paris.

Ferle creates abstract compositions in extremely large formats. Her works, nearing abstract minimalism, are composed of colored geometric patterns. The artist treats the subject " repeating patterns in an irregular symmetry," with a "break" in the continuity.

There is a very physical side in the production of Ferle's paintings. The canvasses are laid out on the floor, where they become the target of the artist's energy at any given time. The epicenter of Ferle's production is without question the method she uses. The « all over » principle is perpetuated on all her canvasses.

The spirituality radiating from the work could seem in direct conflict with the violence of the method used in its production. However, the end result of this 'action painting' is very harmonious and almost induces the viewer to a meditative state.

Light and colour are central to her research and even become the focal point of her work. According to artist Zao Wou-Ki the chromatic quality of Ferle's works remind one of the walls being in the same tones as the Lascaux caves. As for the light, it is structured by the line or border, and invests the interior of the painting and gives it life.

Through her paintings, Ferle seems to open the viewer's eyes to a new dimension, reminiscent of a Rothko, giving each and everyone a chance to experience something. Thanks to her geometric compositions, art historian and exhibit commissioner Emmanuel Daydé, sees "doors opening to infinity, towards a kind of spirituality emanating from the body."

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  • Visit  of the Workshop : Ferle


    For Ferle, painting is a 'moment' which alone justifies the motion of the artist, mobilized physically by the composition of her work. Her canvasses...