born on: 
10 Feb, 1959
1980 : Graduate from School of Fine Arts (ENSBA), Paris, France.
2021: Galerie Nicolas Deman, Paris
2018: Galerie Miron, Paris
2015 - Solo exhibition, JB Galerie, Paris (France)
2014 - Open doors Atelier La celle - Saint-Cloud (France)
2013 - Solo exhibition at Caractère, Boulogne-Billancourt (France)
2012 - Galerie du Pont Neuf, Paris (France)
2011 : Galerie du Pont Neuf, Paris (France)
2011 : Couvent des Dominicains, Paris (France)
2011 : Open doors of Meudon artists (France)
2011 : Galerie Fondation Taylor, Paris (France)
2010 : Galerie du Pont Neuf, Paris (France)
2009 : 13th Arts Meetings, Louveciennes (France)
2009 : Collective exhibition " People and Culture of Gard", Nîmes (France)
2008 : Société Générale Boulogne-Billancourt & Exposition Louveciennes (France)
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Christophe Dupety is a French painter who lives and works in Boulogne, France.

In the 80’s, just graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Christophe Dupety put himself on the map with unauthorized graffiti on the Louvres’ scaffolding panels. This prompted the Pompidou Centre to command a work. He is an engraver, trained at the Paris School of Fine Arts in Pierre Courtin’s workshop, and like Mr Courtin he turned his head towards painting.

Engraving being governed by rigid technical constraints, whereas painting appealed to him as a more open space, which could at any time surprise him. He takes the precision of a classical painter and willingly the derision of a caricaturist and the flamboyance of a picturesque sketch. His talent was recognized early on and allowed him to be the "people" artist of the 90’s. In the fragile portraits of those he reveals, no concessions but nevertheless a tenderness in an often joyful swirl of colour and movement. “Doing a portrait," he admitted, "is a journey to meet the model in his intimate truth." From here to the journey of collecting portraits is a small step... in small modest groups, turning faces, India and Africa reveal themselves on his canvases like on a gigantic travel diary.

Christophe Dupety tracks down light, ephemeral grace and suspended movement. “To paint the portrait of a bird...”, said the poet. Christophe Dupety would say:" First catch his eye then slip into his skin”. In another life, Christophe Dupety might have been a bull fighting in an arena, the same whirlwind, the same strength, the same tragic beauty in his gesture, the same skill in his movements, the same lust for life.

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