born on: 
26 Mar, 1972
2013 - Nominated for the Prix Pictet Award for ''Shadow Within'' series
2009 - Nominated for the Prix Pictet Award for ''Barentsburg'' series
2005 - Nominated for the BMW Awards with Paris Photo for ''Arctic Technology'' series
2016 - Cornette de Saint Cyr (Paris, France)
2006 - Sotheby's London (London, UK)
2019 - Residence of Impermanence', Fotografiska (Stockholm, Sweden)
2019 - ‘Residence of Impermanence’ duo show, Omnius Gallery (Arles, France)
2019 - 'Residence of Impermanence', Galleri Fineart (Oslo, Norway)
2017 - Shadow Within/Rituals Gulden Kunstverk, Drammen
2017 - "InHuman Nature" Commission, MAAEMO restaurant.
2016 - "InHuman Nature", TM51 Gallery (Oslo, Norway)
2015 - "Paradise Lost", Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Beijing (China)
2015 - How Art Museum, Wenzhou (China)
2015 - "Paradise Lost", Redtory (Guangzhou, China)
2014 -"Shadow Within` / Darkness Burns Bright", Fineart Gallery (Oslo, Norway)
2014 - Lofoten International Photofestival (Lofoten, Norway)
2013 - Hosfelt Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
2009 - Hosfelt Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
2008 - Hosfelt Gallery (New York, USA)
2005 - Scout Gallery (London, UK)
2020 - "Facing Fire:Art, Wildfire, and the End of Nature in the New West", California Museum of Photography (Californie, USA)
2019 - "Helt Dyrisk" (Residence of Impermanence) , Preus Museum (Horten , Norway)
2018 - "Into the Light", Galleri Balder, Oslo. Collaborative
2018 - "Transfiguration", Galleri Balder, Oslo. Collaborative
2017 - "Mirror,Mirror Hosfelt Gallery, San.Fran. Collaborative w/Ed Ruscha, Adam Fuss, Liliana Porter
2016 - Fotofever with Artistics Gallery (Paris, France)
2015 - Fotofever with Artistics Gallery (Paris, France)
2014 - "Beyond Earth Art", The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art (New York, USA)
2014 - The El Paso Museum of Art (Texas, USA)
2014 - Glenbow Museum (Alberta, USA)
2013 - "Vanishing Ice", Whatcom, Museum of Washington (Washington, USA)
2012 - "Vanishing Ice", Whatcom, Museum of Washington (Washington, USA)
2010 - Akershus Kunstsenter (Oslo, Norway)
2010 - Hosfelt Gallery (New York, USA)
2009 - "AntArctica", Haugar Kunstmuseum (Tonsberg, Norway)
2009 - Holsfelt Gallery (San Francisco, USA)
2007 - Artbasel (with Scout Gallery) (Bâle, Switzerland)
2007 - Photo London Fair (with Zebra Gallery) (London, UK)
2007 - Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, Norway)
2007 - Fotogalleriet (Oslo, Norway)
2006 - Zebra One (London, UK)
2006 - Annual Grants exhibition (Oslo, Norway)
2005 - Scout Gallery (London, UK)
2005 - Paris Photo (with Scout Gallery) (Paris, France)
2005 - Photo London Fair (with Scout Gallery) (London, UK)
2003 - Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, Norway)
2002 - Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, Norway)
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Born in 1972, Christian Houge is a Norwegian photographer who lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

His photographs explore the human condition as realized through and influenced by nature. Pervading his work is a curiosity for myth and folklore, spurred by the Norse legends of his youth. His Barentsburg and Shadow within series were both nominated at the Prix Pictet, the global award in photography and sustainability.

For nearly 20 years, Christian Houge questions the place of Man in his environment, amongst harmony and confrontation, and the opposition between nature and culture.His 'Barentsburg / Pyramid' and 'Arctic Technology' series, realized during different stays in the Svalbard archipelago - in Arctic, often called as a "new frontier" - show the impact of the human activity on an almost virgin environment.Houge's work is regularly shown in exhibitions throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. In 2015, his exhibition 'Paradise Lost' was exhibited in three Chinese cities including Beijing, at the Three Shadows Photography Art Center.

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