born on: 
05 Oct, 1975
Master at the Institute of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts (Japan)
2008: Bronze medal for painting – Salon des artistes français (Paris, France)
2006: 1st prize for painting – Painting and Sculpture Salon of the Palette décinoise (Décines, France)
2006: Grant from National Fundation of culture and arts (Taïwan)
2003: Grand prix – Exhibition of Floral and avian painting at Shouhaku Museum (Nara, Japan)
2003: Artistic Culture Prize – Aogaki exhibition of Japanese painting (Aogaki, Japan)
2003: 2nd Prize – Exhibition of Zenkansai art at the Osaka City Museum of Art (Osaka, Japan)
2003: National Community Prize – Overview exhibition of the national community of the 17th Art Festival of Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan)
2003: Grant from Ministry of education, culture, sports, sciences and technology (Japon)
2000: First Prize – Zhongbu Art Exhibition (Taichung, Taiwan)
2000: First Prize – Art Exhibition of the Department of Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)
2000: Award of Excellence – Art Exhibition of Taiyang (Taipei, Taiwan)
2022 : Fine Art Consultancy (Londres, GB)
2022: Art Central (Hong Kong, China)
2021: OFI Asset Managment (Paris, France)
2021: Fine Art Asia 2021 (Hong Kong China)
2021 - Personal exhibition, KOO Gallery (HongKong)
2021 : Exposition personnelle, 508 Gallery (London, England)
2020: LA Art Show, exhibited by Fine Art Consultancy (London, UK)
2019: Context Art Miami, exhibited by Galerie KOO (Miami, USA)
2019: Fresh : Art Fair, exhibited by Fine Art Consultancy (London, UK)
2019: Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, exhibited by Galerie KOO (Hong Kong)
2018: AQUA Art Miami, with Fine Art consultancy London & Tokyo (London, UK)
2018: "Nihong-ga"- Solo Show - d'Haudrecy Art Gallery - Knokke-Zoute (Belgium)
2017: Personal exhibition, Tokyu Honten dpt store, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, (Tokyo, Japan)
2016: Galerie d'Haudrecy (Knokke, Belgium), Solo show
2014: Orangery of the Caillebotte Estate (Yerres, France), Solo show
2014: "Nihon-ga", Exhibition of Chen Yiching and her student's artworks, Espace des Femmes, (Paris, France)
2013: Galerie Fondation Taylor (Paris, France)
2013: Maison de la culture du Japon (Paris, France), Solo show
2012: Galerie Sinitude (Paris, France),
2011: Galerie Librairie Impressions (Paris, France),
2010: Japan Expo (Paris, France)
2009: Galerie Everarts (Paris, France), Solo show
2008: Galerie Béranger (Tours, France),
2008: Espace Saint-Pierre of Montmartre (Paris, France)
2007: Galerie 43 (Paris, France),
2006: Townhall of the 8th arrondissement (Lyon, France), Solo show
2006: City Cultural Center (Taichung, Taiwan), Solo show - supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan
2006: Art en Capital (Paris, France) (2008, 2009)
2006: Salon d'automne (Paris, France) (~2009)
2006: International Salon of Spring of the Lyon Company of Fine Arts (Lyon, France)
2005: Galerie Yamashita (Kyoto, Japan), Solo show
2004: Nasic Square (Kyoto, Japan), Solo show
2004: Exhibition of Japanese Painting of Garyuzakura (Takayama, Japan)
2004: Exhibition in memory of Maedaseison (Nakatsugawa, Japan)
2003: Exhibition of flower and bird painting at Shouhaku Museum (Nara, Japan)
2003: Exhibition of Japanese painting of Aogaki (Aogaki, Japan)
2003: Exhibition of Zenkansai art at the City Museum of Art (Osaka, Japan)
2003: Overview Exhibition of National Community, the 17th Art Festival of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2002: Exhibition of Nishunten (touring, Japan) (~2003)
2002: Exhibition of Kyôten at the City Museum of Art (Kyoto, Japan) (~2003)
2002 : nk painting exhibition in memory of Sessunosato (Okayama, Japan)
2000: Zhongbu Art Exhibition (Taichung, Taiwan)
2000: National Art Exhibition (touring, Taiwan)
2000: Taipei Art Exhibition (Taipei, Taiwan)
2000: Taiyang Art Exhibition (Taipei, Taiwan)