born on: 
01 Apr, 1959
2011 : Kunstnarhuset Messen Residence, Norway
2009-2010 : Fine Arts teacher at Teruel University, Spain
2000-2001 : Spain Academy at Rome
1980-1986 : Graduated from the Fine Arts University of San Carlos, Spain
2014 : Gold Medal, 75th International Competition of Art of Valdepeñas (Spain)
2014 : Price Arts, Letters and Sport at Torrent (Spain)
2009 : Piece of art aquisition, Fine Arts Royal Academy (Grenada, Spain)
2008 : First price, Autumn Exhibition at the Royal Fine Arts Galician Academy
2006 : XXI BMW Paint Price, honour medal
2005 : Laureate, VI International Paint Competition "Royal Premier Hoteles" (Torremolinos, Spain)
2004 : Piece of art aquisition, IV Paint Competition at the wellington Foundation (Madrid, Spain)
2004 : First price, XXXII National Art Competition of the Guadalajara's Saving Bank (Guadalaraja, Spain)
2003 : piece of art acquisition, Alicante's Province Competition (Alicante, Spain)
2002 : piece of art acquisition, National Fine Arts Exhibition (Valdepeñas, Spain)
2002 : piece of art acquisition, Alicante's Province Competition (Alicante, Spain)
2001 : piece of art acquisition, LXII National Fine Arts Exhibition (Valdepeñas, Spain)
2000 : Second price, International Paint Competition "Homage to Rafael Zabaleta" (Quesada - Jaén, Spain)
2000 : piece of art acquisition, International Paint Competition of Valdepeñas (Valdepeñas, Spain)
2000 : Spain Academy Price at Rome (Rome, Italy)
1999 : laureate, VIII Paint Competition of the Lawyers Illustrious College of Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
1999 : piece of art acquisition, LX National Fine Arts Exhibition ( Valdepañas, Spain)
1998 : Fisrt Price, XXIX Autumn Exhibition to the socio-cultural centre of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)
1998 : XXV Paint and Sculpture Bank price
1997 : third price, XV Drawing price of Penagos (Spain)
1997 : piece of art acquisition, Contemporary Fine Arts Competition (Vitoria, Spain)
1997 : First price, XXI Villa de Pego's Paint Competition (Alicante, Spain)
1997 : piece of art acquisition, V Iberdola-UEX Paint Competition (Cáceres, Spain)
1996 : laureate, Villa de Pego's Paint Competition (Alicante, Spain)
1996 : Special Mention, XXV International Paint, Sculpture and Drawing Competition, homage to Rafael Zabaleta (Quesada - Jaén, Spain)
1996 : piece of art acquisition, X José Segrelles's National Paint Competition (Albaida-Valencia, Spain)
1995 : laureate, IX José Segrelles's National Paint Competition (Albaida-Valencia, Spain)
"La mirada del silencio", catalogue of the exhibition "Baobab, La sombra de Africa" Museo del Ruso (Alarcon, Spain)
2022 : El vertader color dels viatges, EMAT, Torrent (Spain)
2022 : "Art Madrid", Contemporaary art fair (Madrid, Espagne)
2021 : "Caligrafía del paisaje", Castle of Ribarroja (Valencia, Spain)
2020-2021: "África, el paisaje inesperado", Fundación Bancaja (Sagunto, Spain)
2020: "Viajes y territorios", IV Hybrid Art Fair and Festival (Madrid, Espagne)
2019 : Apuntes de Tanzania, Sala d´exposicions Maria Sorolla (Moncofa, Spain)
2019 : "Baobab. La sombra de Africa", Ruso Museum (Alarcón, Spain)
2018: "De viajes (2008-2018)", Alacuás Castle, (Valencia, Spain)
2017 : Alba Cabrera Gallery (Valencia,Spain)
2017 : Marte, Castellón Contemporary Art Fair (Spain)
2016 : Alba Cabrera Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
2016 : Russian Museum of Alarcón (Alarcón, Spain)
2016 : Mora de Rubielos Castle (Teruel, Spain)
2015 : One Studio Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
2015 : Spain College (Paris, France)
2014 : Gallery 4 (Valencia, Spain)
2013 : Carmen Centre (Valencia, Spain)
2012 : Color Elefante Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
2011 : Carmen Del Campo Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
2010 : Casino Liberal (Algemesi - Valencia, Spain)
2009 : Egam Gallery (Madrid, Spain)
2008 : Lametro, Exhibition Centre F.G.V. (Valencia, Spain)
2008 : María Llanos Gallery (Cáceres, Spain)
2007 : Carmen del Campo Gallery (Cordoba, Spain)
2007 : GWA Gallery (Madrid, Spain)
2006 : EMAT (Torrent-Valencia, Spain)
2006 : Music Palace (Valencia, Spain)
2005 : María Llanos Gallery (Cáceres, Spain)
2005 : Dieciséis Gallery (San Sebastián, Spain)
2004 : José Esquirol Gallery (Altea Alicante, Spain)
2004 : Cuatro Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
2003 : Dieciséis Gallery (San Sebastián, Spain)
2002 : Alameda Gallery (Vigo, Spain)
2001 : Cuatro Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
2001 : Dieciséis Gallery (San Sebastián, Spain)
2000 : Saving Bank of Torrent (Valencia, Spain)
2000 : Cuatro Gallery(Valencia, Spain)
2000 : Egam Gallery (Madrid, Spain)
1999 : Exhibition centre of Alicante's University (Alicante, Spain)
1999 : Club Diario Levante (Valencia, Spain)
1998 : Cuatro Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
1997 : Bores & Mayo Gallery (Cáceres, Spain)
1995 : Val i 30 Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
1994 : PG´Art Gandía Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
1993 : Culture House of Torrent (Torrent, Spain)
1992 : Nave Diez Gallery ((Valencia, Spain)
1992 : Mora de Rubielos Castle (Teruel, Spain)
1992 : Exhibition in the city hall of Requena (Requena,Spain)
1990 : Periférica Gallery, (Sueca, Spain)
1990 : Ray Gun Gallery (Valencia, Spain)
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Contemporary painter Calo Carratalá was born in 1959 near Valencia, Spain, and specialises in figurative paintings of natural landscapes. He has travelled widely to destinations from the Amazon to Norway and developed a romantic view of nature, extolling its beauty and the power of the elements that make it up.

A landscape painter

Calo Carratalá began painting at a very young age. He studied Fine Art at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos in Valencia from 1980 and completed his training at the Spanish Academy in Rome in 2000. His time in Rome influenced his paintings' techniques and aesthetics. Notably from a formal perspective, Calo Carratalá produces large-scale works inspired by the frescoes on the walls of ancient Roman buildings, as well as tondos (circular artworks) directly inspired by those of the Italian masters. 

Travel is at the heart of the artist's creative process: he immerses himself in the places he visits in order to paint them. He also uses the photos and sketches he takes and draws as preparatory studies for his artworks.

Calo Carratalá: a sublime view of nature

Calo Carratalá's painterly choices are influenced by a contemporary view of landscapes. While Renaissance painters saw representing the world as a way to understand it, Carratalá has a different perspective. He believes we no longer paint nature for the same reasons as contemporary artists find themselves facing a natural environment that needs protecting. He says: "For the men of the Renaissance, landscapes were an unknown to discover. But today, landscapes are something to be protected: a world of compartmentalised spaces, protected areas and nature reserves. This is why our view of landscapes is entirely different from that of the past." However, this change of perspective is mostly mental, as the techniques he uses create a common painterly thread following on from Renaissance paintings. From a purely technical point of view, the perspective is the same. Calo Carratalá uses the "linear" perspective documented by the Italian theorist Leon Battista Alberti in 1435 in his "Della Pittura" treatise. This means working with accurate proportions and the human viewpoint when painting nature. 

The result is works that extol the grandeur of nature, which is turbulent, perhaps even worrying, and magnificent, and also generates feelings of admiration and reflection. From the snow-covered Norwegian mountains with "Benasque 1 (Large)", to the dense Amazon jungle with "Iron Jungles n°10", Calo Carratalá's contemporary paintings show nature's sublime character, in the sense that it transcends human beings with its vastness and the potential power of the elements that make it up. That said, the painter emphasises the personal viewpoint represented by each of his works: for him, painting is about introspection that encourages the onlooker to develop their inner voice and dream of faraway lands. 

A career in the contemporary art world 

Calo Carratalá's work has been exhibited at many Spanish and other European galleries since the early nineties. The contemporary painter sees painterly processes as important, ensuring they are visible in his work and winning over collectors and galleries with his pieces' strong presence. 

In 2010, the City of Alicante commissioned him for an exhibition in a metro station focusing on his lapiz and carbon pencil work. The exhibition celebrated the artist's romantic work, including large-scale pieces which take onlookers out of themselves. In 2017, he worked on a very large private commission: a painting of a door on a sheet of metal titled "Amazonia’s Door". This showed the importance of materials seen as essential, whether that be wood, canvas or metal. 

In 2019, Calo Carratalá's works were exhibited in a museum context for the first time at the "Baobab. La sombra de Africa" exhibition held at the Museo del Ruso in Alarcón, Spain. His works have acquired a certain standing in Spain thanks to public commissions; the artist has also won many prestigious prizes since 1995 in light of his captivating paintings.