United States
born on: 
29 Oct, 1963
1986 - Bachelor of Arts, Art History and Studio Art, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA).
2016 - The Fence selected artist.
2010 - Review Santa Fe participant.
2009 - Hasselblad Masters Finalist.
2009 - Review Santa Fe participant.
2021 - Antikvitete Novak Gallery, solo show, Ljubljana (Slovenia).
2021 - PhotoEye Gallery, solo show, Santa Fe (USA)
2019 - New Mexico Museum of Art, group show, Santa Fe (USA).
2019 - Surround Art Gallery, solo show, Moscow (Russia).
2019 - Dream House, group show, Moscow (Russia).
2019 - Kopon Fine Art, group show, Moscow (Russia).
2019 - PhotoLA, group show, Los Angeles (USA).
2018 - Fotofever Paris 2018 with Artistics Gallery, Paris (France).
2017 - Fotofever Paris 2017 with Artistics Gallery, Paris (France).
2017 - PhotoEye Gallery, group show, Santa Fe (NM-USA).
2016 - PhotoEye Gallery, solo show, Santa Fe (USA).
2016 - Visionnaire Gallery, solo show, Milan (Italy).
2016 - Visionnaire Gallery, solo show, Bologne (Italy).
2014 - Le Méridien, solo show, Londres (England).
2014 - PhotoEye Gallery, solo show, Santa Fe (NM-USA).
2014 - H2A Gallery, solo show, Knokke (Belgium).
2014 - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, group show, Londres (England).
2013 - Affordable Art Fair Singapour, group show, Singapour.
2013 - Affordable Art Fair Battersea, group show, Londres (England).
2013 - New Art, group show, Paris (France).
2012 - Doinel Gallery, solo show, Londres (England).
2012 - Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, group show, Londres (England).
2012 - FotoFever, group show, Bruxelles (Belgium).
2012 - Art Beijing, group show, Pékin (China).
2012 - Affordable Art Fair Battersea, group show, Londres (England).
2012 - LineArt, group show, Ghent (Belgium).
2011 - Montreux Art Gallery, group show, Montreux (Switzerland).
2011 - Doinel Gallery, group show, Knokke (Belgium).
2009 - Dask Gallery, group show, Copenhagen (Denmark).
2009 - Matrix Fine Art, group show, New Mexico (USA).
2009 - Milk Studios, group exhibition, New York (USA).
2007 - Robin Rice Gallery, group exhibition, New York (USA).
2006 - Robin Rice Gallery, group exhibition, New York (USA).
2004 - Danforth Museum of Art, group exhibition, Framingham (USA).
"The Other World", Damiani Publishing, Italy, 2021.
"Wildlife", Prestel Publishing, England, 2014.
"Tiere vor der Kamera", Prestel Publishing, Germany, 2014.
"Brad Wilson : The Others World Animal Portraits", Damiani Publishing, Italy, 2021.
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Brad Wilson is an American artist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He became widely acclaimed for his photographic series “Affinity”, which features studio portraits of wild animals.

His professional career began in New York City over 20 years ago where he worked as a commercial portrait photographer for magazines, book publishers, and design firms. In 2010, after feeling like much of his photography was becoming too routine and predictable, Brad Wilson stopped working with human subjects and started a new fine-art project with animals in the studio. The resulting series of images, entitled “Affinity”, immediately transcended the normal boundaries of wildlife or nature photography, and moved provocatively into a new realm of animal portraiture.

Brad Wilson’s powerful photographs represent a world that we, as humans, rarely inhabit – a world of instinct, intuition, and present moment awareness – a fully natural world, distinct from the increasingly urbanized and computerized modern landscape that surrounds us. Brad Wilson pulls us into this world with large, exquisitely detailed photographs, offering up a compelling feeling of intimacy and proximity seldom experienced. He intentionally removes all barriers and distractions so the animals depicted move vividly forward out of a deep black background to thoroughly reveal themselves and to challenge our notion of what it means to be human.

Brad Wilson has an obvious respect for the animals he photographs and says, “It’s an amazing and rare privilege to work with these animals, especially since many of them are seriously endangered and may soon disappear from the earth. I hope in some small way that these photographs can serve as worthy ambassadors for the species they depict, reminding us of our connection to the natural world and to the many compelling creatures that share the planet with us.” Indeed, the “Affinity” series makes it clear that we share our world with incredible creatures, as unique and complex as we are, and that we have an inherent interest in protecting them. However, the photographs achieve more than a mere awakening of our environmental consciousness. There is something else clearly visible in the intensely sharp eyes of these animals, something that echoes our own evolution. As we continue to develop a new human world, even more detached from the natural landscape around us, we create a pronounced feeling of isolation and separation. The photographs of Affinity remind us of quite the opposite - we are not alone, we are not separate, we are part of a beautifully rich and interconnected biodiversity of life.

Brad’s work has been widely published and exhibited around the world, and featured recently by Audubon, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Vogue Italia, Paris Match, Vanity Fair Italy, CNN. In 2021, two of his photographs have been included in the permanent collection of the New Mexico Museum of Art.