Luca Marziale

United Kingdom

The contemporary photography of artist Luca Marziale offers a new and different perspective on the natural landscape, one in which representational photography gives way to abstraction...

Luca Marziale - Landscape photography |
Bleed, Yellowstone, Unearth series
Bleeding Iron, Testament series
Canyon, Fracture Series

Brad Wilson

United States

Brad Wilson is an American artist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He became widely acclaimed for his photographic series “Affinity”, which features studio portraits of wild animals....

Brad Wilson - Photographie |
African Crowned Crane #1, Los Angeles, CA, 2011
Bald Eagle #1, St Louis, MO, 2012
Black Leopard #2, Monterey, CA, 2014

Xavier Dumoulin


Xavier Dumoulin is a contemporary French photographer who lives in Pau in the south of France. His photographic work is primarily concerned with the present environmental issues and...

Xavier Dumoulin - Photographie |

Bernhard Lang


Since 2010, German photographer Bernhard Lang has dedicated himself to aerial photographs.It all started on a Munich to Tokyo flight as he was flying over Siberia. Through the window,...

Bernhard Lang - Fine Art Photography ::: [VOSTFR]
Aerial Views, Adria 05
Aerial Views, Adria 09
Aerial Views, Adria 10

Gina Soden

United Kingdom

30 year old English photographer, Gina Soden is a real adventuress.With a fascination for ruins she explores some of the more unusual sites throughout Europe. Hospitals, asylums,...

Gina Soden - Fine Art Photography :::
Bath House
Cable Corridor
Care Home

Matthieu Venot


Matthieu Venot left the world of music and being instinctively creative took up photography... at the ripe age of 35.Matthieu Venot started out with a strong desire to rediscover his...

Matthieu Venot - Fine Art Photography [Eng Sub] :::
Untitled I Ain't Got No Troubles series
Untitled II Ain't Got No Troubles series
Untitled III, Ain't Got No Troubles series

Christophe Jacrot


Born in 1960, Christophe Jacrot is a contemporary photographer living in Paris. The artist has been dabbling in photography since his adolescence but was first noticed in the cinema....

Christophe Jacrot - Fine Art Photography [Eng Sub] :::
5th avenue
West Broadway

Klaus Kampert


Contemporary German photographer Klaus Kampert lives and works in Dusseldorf.Starting out Klaus Kampert taught himself photography techniques while working with accomplished...

Klaus Kampert - Photography |

Christian Houge


Born in 1972, Christian Houge is a Norwegian photographer who lives and works in Oslo, Norway.His photographs explore the human condition as realized through and influenced by nature....

Christian Houge - Fine Art Photography [FR-ST] :::
Antennaforest 2, Arctic Technology, Spitsbergen
Oleg, Barentsburg, Spitsbergen
Dish in moonlight, Arctic Technology,Spitsbergen