Franco Salas Borquez


The works of the contemporary Chilean painter Franco Salas Borquez depict the sea, the sole subject of his paintings. Fascinated by the ocean, the artist chose painting as an...

Franco Salas Borquez - Peinture |
The hostile sea
The wake
The untameable

Guy Oberson


The contemporary paintings of the artist Guy Oberson, produced in black chalk or in oil, plunge the observer into an ambiguous and timeless universe. Figurative and abstract themes...

Guy Oberson - Peinture |
Arbre fragment 1

Doris Marten


The contemporary paintings of German artist Doris Marten explore the perception of colours and their mutual influence, immersing the viewer in an abstract geometric world. Lines...

Doris Marten - Abstract painting |
Layer No.14
Layer No.22
Layer No.23

Guillaume Chansarel


The contemporary paintings by the French artist Guillaume Chansarel invite the viewer to travel, from brand new perspectives, into the cores of international megalopolis.Urban...

Guillaume Chansarel - Peinture I
57th and Broadway
Brume et métal

Emanuel Schulze


The contemporary paintings of the German artist Emanuel Schulze plunge the viewer into a dreamlike world in which architecture and landscape are intimately linked.An artist who mixes...

Emanuel Schulze - Painting I

Calo Carratalá


Calo Carratalá is a contemporary Spanish artist, based in Valencia, specializing in landscape painting. He trained at the Fine Arts in Valencia and the Spanish academy in Rome. Calo...

Calo Carratalá - Painting |
Watercolour Benasque 1, Snow collection
Benasque Study 1, Snow collection
Benasque Study 2, Snow collection

Joachim van der Vlugt


Dutch painter Joachim van der Vlugt lives in Luxembourg. He is the epitome of a contemporary artist and yet gets all his inspiration from the classic Dutch masters. He takes the two...

Joachim van der Vlugt - Painting | Artistics
Crystal Skies III
Der Traum vom Fliegen I
The Age of Reason I

Jane Puylagarde


Jane Puylagarde is a painter who lives and works in France.In the 80s Jane Puylagarde was a stylist, launched her own prêt-à-porter line which rapidly attracted both a French and...

Jane Puylagarde - Painting :::
Prussian Blue
White Light
Carmin Red

Ahn Hyun-Ju


Ahn Hyun-Ju is a South Korean artist who has been living and working in Germany for more than 20 years.After studying sculpture in Seoul and painting and new media in Dusseldorf, Ahn...

Ahn Hyun-Ju - Painting  ::: [VOST EN-FR]