Vega Beuvrin

born on: 
18 May, 1979
2010 - Winner of the accreditation competition for the position of professor and researcher in the fields of architecture and visual arts at Simon Bolivar Caracas University (Venezuela)
2007 – 2010: Visiting Professor in the Department of Drawing, Architecture and Plastic Arts at Simon Bolivar University in Caracas (Venezuela)
2009 – Master of advance Architecture
2004 - Degree in Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela
2004 - Honorable Mention of the Urban Studies Sector of Venezuela's Central Faculty
1997 – Science Bachelor
2019 - Nomination for the prize of the best artistic proposition of the A-FAD (Barcelone, Spain)
2019 - Honorable mention for the sculpture Guaicaquirón at the Biennal de València Ciutat Vella Oberta 2019.
2018 – Finalist of the Foundation Vila Casa Biennale of sculpture
2013 – First prize of the public competition for the development of urban sculpture organized by the Department of Transport and Civil Engineering of Venezuela
2019 – Invitation to ART 2.0 in Barcelona by Porsche - Donation of a sculpture for a fund raising intended to the chair of oncology in Sant Joan de Deus Hospital, in Barcelona (Spain)
2019 – Donation of a sculpture for the auction sale EN VOZ ALTA, Caracas (Venezuela)
2018 – Part of the selection of the Foundation Vila Casa Biennale of sculpture
2017 – Group Show, “Abstraccion: Atraccion”, CBG Arts Gallery, Caracas (Venezuela)
2016/2017/2019 – Carré Latin Festival, Garden of the Palais Royal, Paris (France)
2015 – Public order of the city of Caracas for the creation and the permanent exhibition of three sculptures in the public area, Plaza Cipriano Castro, Caracas (Venezuela)
2002 – Group Show Vilanueva-Ventrillon
2002 - Group Show FAUART, Barcelona (Spain)
2018 - Architectural Prize Catalogue, Vila Casa Foundation, Palafruell Editions
2017 - Artefacto Internacional Revue, Issue 23
2017 - Artefacto Internacional Revue, Issue 22
2014 – Architectural critique as architect of the month, Masisa Inspira Magazine
2013 – Online version of the journal el Universal, October issue
2011 – Cover of the journal El Nacional, Citizen’s body, June Issue
2011 – Deco News Magazine, Issue 83
2010 – Deco News Magazine, Issue 77
2008 – The Bolivar’s paper, February Issue