Retrouvez l'actualité de la Sculpture contemporaine avec Artistics

The Italian artist Francesca Bernardini has developed a relationship with marble that is deeply intimate. Both a personal journal and an archive of her relationship with the world, her work speaks to us about introspection and openness to others, childhood, and aspirations in adulthood. Her sculptures are charged with a tension in which viewers find a reflection of their own impulses and of their own thoughts.
‘Winston’, is a bronze sculpture by our artist Cécile Raynal, unveiled on the 1st October at Cap d'Ail with Prince Albert II of Monaco in attendance. Installed in the Villa Capponcina, where Churchill came to paint during the post-war years, it celebrates the tie between the illustrious man and the city on the French Riviera. Find out more about the concept and creation of ‘Winston’ in this article.
Delphine Brabant's work is a sort of quest. The type that is born out of a confrontation of opposing forces: Shadow and light, positive and negative, balance and imbalance… This search is accompanied by a desire to simplify the figure and let the true nature of the material express itself conferring a powerful spiritual element on her sculptures.
Ondřej Oliva (1982) is a Czech sculptor working with aluminium and bronze. He draws the inspiration from the things around him, his personal experiences and his travels: the artist reinterprets natural elements or commonplace objects using particularly the contrast between natural or organic forms and symmetrical or industrial elements. Ondřej Oliva accepted to give us an interview and answered our questions. We are glad to welcome him at Artistics.
Marcelo Martin Burgos is an Argentinian artist sculptor and director whose golden bronze sculpture are anchored in the childhood universe he is fascinated about. Robots, monsters, and other creatures populating childish imagination are the main subjects of his sculpture activity, also fed by the cinematic production he practices in parallel. Bronze, that he appreciates for its versatility and golden finish, allows him to create sculptures mirror-like sculptures that reflect the childhood images and memories of those who look at them. Marcelo Martin Burgos accepted to give us an interview and answered our questions. We are glad to welcome him at Artistics.
In this interview, carried out in May 2021, Italian sculptor Mattia Bosco tells more about his career, his creative process as well as his vision of art and its recent developments. By doing so, he allows us to become better acquainted with his work, but also to grasp the deep reflection from which it is originated.
For the unveiling event of her new series ‘Emergences’ on Artistics, the Israeli sculptress Sharon Brill gave an interview. Through her answers, find out about her artistic approach to her new original artworks.
These days, the word statue evokes monumental and solemn sculptures found in public squares, immobile celebration of heroes whose names are often mostly unknown. However, sculpting remains a very alive way of creation, engaged in its time, as illustrated by the work of three of the gallery’s sculptresses.
Until the 26th of August 2018 the exhibition 'Petites histories en reserve' presents around 30 of Cécile Raynal's sculptures that she made while in residency in the museum's storage areas.
Pierre Yermia, one of the gallery's artists recently received an order for a monumental sculpture which is to adorn the entrance of the "Domaine des Hauts de Loire" luxury hotel, near Blois in France.
As part of our continued innovation, we are proud to introduce the 360° view, which aims at improving the on-screen viewing and experience of sculptures.
Since this summer, the Daiouji temple in Japan boasts a sculpture by artist Hachiro Kanno who very kindly accepted to reply to a few questions about this unique creation.
From the 13th of September to the 18th of October 2014, the French city of Rouen is host to a retrospective of artist Cécile Raynal. Entitled Travers|ées (Crossings), the event will feature more than 80 sculptures and installations.
A few weeks ago the residents of the new district of Cayalá, Guatemala City, discovered a strange neighbour: a marble colossus with an enigmatic smile, emerging from the ground with a key in hand. Discover in photos and video this monumental work of artist Walter Peter Brenner.
Like a veritable alchemist, Romain Langlois alters the substance of the materials he possesses and before our eyes he puts them back, not quite the same, not quite different. Changed into bronze, that piece of scrap wood takes on new life and has us questioning: Say, what exactly do you see?
Chésade entertains a veritable passion for bronze, that primitive substance, which has come down through the ages, that she uses in sculpting her unique pieces, for the most part inspired by the underworld of the sea.
The beauty and the grandeur of human form are at the heart of Walter Peter Brenner's work. This guatemalan sculptor has for 17 years been developing works which go against the dogmas of his time and which exalt, by their nobility, an heroic sense of life.
For 30 years, Yann Guillon has tried myriad techniques to create his sculptures sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, sometimes miniature sometimes colossal… portrait of an artist who will never allow routine to take the upper hand…
Pierre Yermia has been developing for thirty years a singular work, filled with human and animal characters, all witnesses of “an endangered but optimistic and unfazed humanity”.
From her childhood spent in Africa, Marine de Soos kept images and an open-mindedness, which still fuels her artistic work. Like shamanic objects, her bronze sculptures are charged with emotions, which are passed on to the ones looking at them.