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Christian Houge’s newest series could be described as: 'Portraits of animals on fire'. This barely imaginable vision of (long-dead and stuffed) animals being burnt to ashes is the latest chapter in the artist’s examination of the relation between man and nature.
New York City has always been an inspirational source for artists and creatives. In this editorial, we discover the metropolis as seen by two French artist photographers: Christophe Jacrot and Xavier Dumoulin.
Through a series of seven photographs, part of the larger project called ‘Okurimono’, photographer Christian Houge proposes a dazzling reinterpretation of an ancestral Japanese practice: the Shibari.
In this series of interviews, Artistics Gallery invites you to question the link between art and dance. Photographer Klaus Kampert follows sculptor Cécile Raynal, confronting himself on the same theme: the link between his art and dance.
Okurimono is the latest photographic project by Norwegian artist Christian Houge, a series that explores delicate themes such as personal identity, sexuality, longing and gender dysphoria.
Matthieu Venot, whose work we have been exhibiting for nearly 3 years, has taken the front cover photo of Tyler, The Creator for GQ Style magazine! A first for the artist whose work is focused on architectural and urban landscape photography.
With his new series entitled New York Dream, Xavier Dumoulin manages to place a rather unusual view on one of the world’s most photographed cities. Bordering on abstraction, his images lead the spectator on a ghostlike and dreamlike journey through a megacity which is lofty, vertical and brimming with perspectives. Interview.
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The photographic work of Xavier Dumoulin explores the relationship between man and his environment. Photographer activist, he condemns light pollution or global warming through a series of images which stand out particularly for their aesthetic quality.

SNJÓR : Icelandic winter as seen by Christophe Jacrot

With global warming, is it still possible to photograph winter in Europe? To answer this question (in the positive), Christophe Jacrot went as far as Iceland. To return with a new series and a book: SNJÓR.


Originally from Brest in France, this self-taught artist photographs his home-town from a rather different angle: full of colour and geometric shapes that stand out from a deep blue sky. Focusing on the architectural detail, Matthieu Venot composes very graphic images, where the abstract predominates his representation of the urban landscape.
This last May Klaus Kampert was a guest artist at the 15th Festival of Nude Photography in Arles. Not only was his work exhibited but the organizers chose one of Klaus' photographs for the main poster of the exhibit. A somewhat controversial choice… Klaus has very kindly accepted to answer a few questions on the subject.
For nearly 8 years, French photographer Christophe Jacrot has been developing an artistic project on major cities of the northern hemisphere in adverse weather conditions, from a very pictorial and emotional approach.

The universe of photography of Klaus Kampert revolves around beauty, portraits, nudes and dance. For Klaus, the body is the shell of the soul and by exploring different body languages, his photography offers to present the person as a holistic being – body and soul united.